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February 5, 1947 The Faded, Shrunken Dress, Not Interested and A Brick House

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B hasn't been gone to school very long and I haven't washed breakfast dishes yet.  This is such a cloudy, gloomy day.  The weatherman keeps saying it is going to get terribly cold.

Sunday was a sunny but cold day so we went for a long drive after dinner.  We were almost in Mass. but it was getting late so we had to start home.  There was still lots of snow in that part of the state although ours has been gone quite a while.

Now that my painting is done I decided to fix up some of my clothes.  I've been intending to dye a gray dress that had faded so I did that yesterday.  I liked the gray so I just made a darker gray to cover up the faded places.  The color came out fine but it is about size 7 or 8 now.  I didn't think it possible that anything could shrink so much.  It was so disappointing because I always liked the dress.

I have a new Journal and have it all read but don't know when I can send it because Aggie asked to read it and it takes her so long to get around to things.  There is a bread recipe in it that sounds wonderful and I think I'll try it out.

A teaching job was offered to me last week but I decided not to take it.  We didn't know any details except it was in a secretarial school, was part-time teaching grammar and business letter writing.  The school called the Dean of Women at the college and she asked B if I would be interested. 

Your two letters came last week but the McCalls hasn't come.

Your suit must be pretty.  How is it made and is it light gray?

A brick house would certainly be nice.  I would like a red brick house sometime.  There aren't many here, though.  Most of them are wooden and painted.  It looks like the up-keep in this climate would be terrific.  Did you say something about wanting white brick?

Maybe I'd better get to work.  We get up so late I don't get much done in the morning.  Hope you're all fine."

              Lots of love,

                    B & Bonnie

NOTE from Ann:  Listen to the top hit of the week--Count Basie's "Open the Door Richard":

And for an amusing 1947 video, The Secretary's Day, 1947 use this link: http://archive.org/details/Secretar1947

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