Thursday, May 24, 2012

February 15, 1948 A Little Free Time, Bonnie Wants Fat and B Goes To Atlantic City

 Baby's favorite Golden Book, Busy Timmy, illustration by Eloise Wilkin
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I thought I'd take advantage of a little free time and write tonight.  Even if Bobby is awfully good he takes a lot of time.  B is washing diapers.  We get 80 a week from a diaper service laundry which furnishes the diapers and washes them but we still run out.  When Bobby is a bit older he shouldn't take so many.  We bought a baby washer and after awhile I want to buy my own diapers and do them myself.

Bobby is getting plump but still is not fat like I want.  The Dr. has changed his formula three times but this one seems to suit him better.  He was hungry all the time on the first one, the second one made gas but this one is better.  It has cream of wheat, Karo and evaporated milk in it and has to be cooked an hour.  We gave him Pablum tonight in hopes that he won't be hungry again till morning.  He certainly has our appetites.  The Richards came to see him today and he really showed off--just laughed and laughed.

I am anxious to see your house.  It really must be nice and I'm so glad you got a new stove.  You needed one terribly.

Bea and Sully sent us a blue all wool blanket so we can get along fine now.  Cotton would be fine but the wool is much nicer of course.

Bobby's hair is still sandy but there is not nearly enough to part.  It is only about 1/2" long.

B is going to Atlantic City next week-end to be interviewed for a job at a college in Normal, Ill.  They wrote him long ago but their offer wasn't good enough to interest us and B wrote them about that.  Dr. Brubacker had recommended him and after they got his records from Yale they wrote again and wanted to see him.  Nothing may come of it but we want to find out anyway.  I'll write you more about it when we find out more.  Hope you are both fine now."

                 Lots of love,

                        B, Bonnie & Baby

NOTE from Ann:  NASCAR is in the news on February 15, 1948 with its first sanctioned race.

"Fonty Flock's #1 Al Dykes 1939 Ford lies in a patch of palmetto bushes after tumbling off the course during the first NASCAR race at Daytona's Beach-Road course. Flock was shaken, but not seriously hurt after flipping end-over-end nearly a dozen times.

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  1. You can really sense the motherly love coming through when Bonnie speaks of Bobby (I wonder have two very similar names in the same house was ever confusing for the family?). It's delightful to read about this wonderful new chapter in the family's lives.

    Thank you very much for your wonderfully nice comment on my vintage outfit this week, as well as for your thoughtful offer to that magazine feature on old hats. I'd love that, thanks!!!

    Wishing you a beautiful Thursday, dear lady,


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