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December 29, 1947 Digging and Shoveling, Exchanging Sizes, Resting Easy and Baking Beans

New York City (AP image from NY Times, 12/28/47)
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We're all still digging and shoveling.  No doubt you have heard about the snow we had.  Christmas was white but the day after was whiter.  I don't think I've ever seen so much snow.  It didn't take long to get paths cleared so we could get out but everywhere you look there are walls of snow from 3' high up.

Our Christmas was very nice and we enjoyed having the day to ourselves.  We just lounged around all day after opening our presents.  Thanks for the nice things.  We needed it all and I was very pleased with the little shoes.  I had wanted some very badly but there were so many other things to buy that I didn't feel I could buy them.  Can we send B's shirt back to you for a different size?  The collar is too big & the sleeves too short.  He needs a 15-1/2 collar and 34 sleeves.  He really needed the shirt and liked it a lot.  His folks sent one too small too.

We finally gave up and sent the bathinettes back.  Then we went to New Britain and bought one yesterday.  It is to be delivered tomorrow and then we will have everything we need for the baby.  I'm just wondering how long it will take the N.Y. store to refund our money.

You can rest easy for another week or two.  Dr. January says he doesn't expect the baby until full time or longer.  The 5th is still a week off but of course he can't tell exactly.  My suitcase is all ready to go and he says the maternity ward is practically empty so I'll have a choice of rooms.  If the baby is a boy it will be Robert Bland but we can't decide on a girl's name.  It is one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

Aggie's play was a Christmas play depicting an average family Christmas and what it meant to them.  It was lovely and is the first she ever sold.  People were quite impressed by it.

I forgot to say I liked the blouse material.  After the baby comes I'd like a nice brown skirt to go with it.  I'll probably wait till then to make it.

This recipe is really good and so much easier than baking the beans so long.  I added spices to taste like I always do but made it just the same otherwise.  I did mix it all up like I always do instead of going through all those unnecessary steps. 

Hope you are all fine and had a nice Christmas."

            Lots of love,

                   B & Bonnie

NOTE from Ann:  The blizzard of '47 came as a surprise after the relatively mild winter thus far, and in spite of Bonnie's prediction in her last letter that there wouldn't be any more snow in the near future!

Blizzard of 1947 (NY Times Archives)
"Holding the previous record for the biggest snowstorm in New York City history, the blizzard of 1947 dropped 26.4 inches of snow in Central Park over two days. As moisture in the Gulf Stream fed the storm's energy, the City was paralyzed when the blizzard barreled its way through, stranding cars and buses in the streets, halting subway service, and claiming 77 lives."

 Easy Quick Baked Beans (Adapted from the Joy of Cooking)

Rinse firm canned beans thoroughly with water.  Mix molasses, brown sugar, vinegar, chopped onion, bacon drippings, pepper, hot sauce and catsup.  Heat well.  Taste and adjust seasoning.  Put the beans in a greased baking dish, pour sauce over beans, top with bacon pieces and cover the dish.  Put in 375 oven for about 30-60 minutes. 

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