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August 12, 1947 Relief At Last, Shopping in Sultry New York, Worth Trying and Bonnie Signs Bonnie

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It was a relief to have your letter.  It had been almost two weeks since I'd heard from you and I was beginning to get a little worried after hearing so much about the terrific heat you were having.  I thought maybe some of you were sick.  Maybe one of your letters got lost.

It is rather quiet today.  We took Gini to New York Saturday and she should have been home yesterday on the Bluebonnet.  I think she enjoyed her trip even if we couldn't do much after school started.  It was so sultry in New York that we didn't do much there.  It was almost 11:00 when we got there so we drove around a while and did a little shopping.  I bought a slip and a black purse and B got some shoes.  You'll have to give up hopes of getting china for at least another year.  I thought I had found you some but it won't be available for a year.  It was white with a gold band--very plain and the pieces you wanted came to about $140.  By the time you can get it, it will probably be more.  The name of the pattern was Branford if you want to see if it is illustrated in your booklet.

I do wish you could get some of our rains.  The gardens here are so nice.  Tomatoes and corn are plentiful now but the cheapest we've found tomatoes is .10 a pound.

We went over to Richards' the other evening and they showed Gini all over the house.  Before we left they gave her a little china pitcher for a souvenir from the old house.

The Richards' in winter (B's slide)

Teachers College of CT Yearbook, 1947, CCSU Digital Library Collection

Bessie told me Francis Jr. had applied at Fulton and they were hoping he could get in.  I hope he likes it.  I should write to them and Beulah too.

The publishing company wants to read the dissertation so B is going to send it to them.  He is rather doubtful about it being published without him paying all the costs (500-1000) which he wouldn't do.  It's worth trying anyway.  

Hope you both are fine and hope to hear from you soon."

                        Lots of love,


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