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April 30, 1947 The Late Letter, The Blouse, The Afghan Conflict, The Pan, The Jello Molds and The Extreme Hat

Bonnie's Hatbox
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I am wondering why I don't hear from you.  It has been well over a week and everyday I think I'll get a letter.  I hope none of you are sick.

I finally got your blouse done, Mother, and B mailed it this morning.  I hope it fits and that you like it.  Just a month late for your birthday!

The gold buttons were .09 a piece and I'm still looking for the buckle for the dress.

We had a real nice time in New York Saturday.  We left early (about 6:30) and were there when the stores opened at 9:30.  B browsed around in camera shops while I went to the department stores.  I bought an angel cake pan and some jello molds.  B wanted an angel cake for his birthday but there wasn't a cake pan to be found around here so his birthday cake will be late.  I found two patterns of china that would be fine for you but the price is double what is listed in that booklet you gave me.  One pattern had a gold band with a bunch of pink flowers in the center--it was lovely.  That was $208. for 63 pieces.  The other set had a dark red band and a little gold--it was $250 something.  You would like either pattern I know.

The well-used angel food cake pan and jello molds from NY

We have found out that we can stay here another year.  The housing situation is just as bad as ever here so we talked it over and they said we could stay.  It was a great relief to us.

I'm still struggling along with this afghan.  I'm so tired of it that I just hate to work on it.  Maybe one of these days I'll get it done. 

Sunday we called on the Richards and they have their old house all fixed up now and are starting work on the yard and outbuildings.  The house is like a picture book.  They painted the outside a dark dull red with white trim.  Everything about the house has been left as it was when it was built in the 1700s--the old beam ceilings the wide floor boards and everything.  It is very interesting.

The all-school banquet was nice last week.  Only about half of the students came but there were over 700 there at that.  They served a turkey dinner which was pretty good.  The place was decorated like a circus and everything was so pretty.  We had music and speeches for entertainment.

May is practically here and it is still cool.  It looks warm out but the wind is cold.

I bought a new black hat (straw) at a sale last week.  It is pretty extreme but cute.

Well, I do hope you're all all right.  Maybe your letter got lost.  Write soon."

            Lots of love,

                     B & Bonnie

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