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April 22, 1947 The Blue Monday, The Jitterburg and The Big Ironing

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is cold and gloomy this morning--a real blue Monday.  Yesterday was the same way and we weren't even out of the house.  B did go after the paper but that was all because we got up too late to go to church.

Jitterbug (Image courtesy of
Lots of students turned out for the dance.  It was held in the gym and they had no decorations but a good orchestra.   The girls wore street dresses and they seemed to have such a good time.  The orchestra played a few jitterbug numbers and it was interesting to watch the three or four couples jitterbug.  The others didn't know how or else didn't like it.  There must have been 200 people there.  We were the only faculty members so we had to stay till the whole thing was over.  A policeman is always there too--I don't know whether it's a school regulation or state law.

Edith Swann and I went to Hartford last Thursday to spend the day.  We both did a little shopping and just looked.  It was fun and I think B was kind of proud of me for taking the car and driving.  There still aren't any new china patterns.

I do hope you get the Seeburger place.  It could be fixed up so it would be a very pretty site.  Have you decided where you would have the house built?  I guess you'll leave a big space for a front yard?

It sounds so good when you say Beulah is getting better all the time.  We have so much to be thankful for.  I guess she enjoys fixing Jerry's bottles and doing little things.  Are you rested up now so you feel better?

I could say "I told you so" to Daddy about the pinking shears, couldn't I?  You know he said they were all big and clumsy and I said they weren't.  Some of these days I want some but all I've seen lately are great big things.

The college is having an all-school banquet Wednesday night.  Everyone goes--teachers and students.

I have a big ironing to do from last week so I guess I had better get started.  Hope to hear from you soon."

               Lots of love,

                     B & Bonnie

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