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September 25, 1946 Trailer Rumors, Fishing, Selling the Place and No Machine Yet

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is a beautiful day but we've had some awful rainy weather.  It has been so gloomy but the sun is out now.

Rumors are going around that the trailers are to be assigned today.  I'll be so glad to know whether or not we can have one.  If we don't get one we're going to advertise although everyone says it is useless.  We're going to try anyway.

Last night we had dinner with the Wamplers.  He is head of the Educational Psychology department.  They are middle aged people and live in a little apartment.  The dinner was real good--roast chicken--and we had a real nice time.  They came from Iowa originally but have been here for many years.

Last Sunday we went fishing with Bea and Sully.  It was cloudy when we started but the sun came out and it was a grand day.  We rented a row boat and went way out in the sound.  We ate our lunch in the boat and fished out of the boat and off big rocks. There were lots of nibbles but B was the only real fisherman among us.  He caught two about four inches long.  Ha!  It was lots of fun even if we didn't catch anything.  Daddy would enjoy it I know.  In the evening we fried hamburgers and made coffee on an island.  It was about 11:00 before we got back to New Britain.

I noticed this morning that a new Journal is out.  Keep it until I tell you to send it.  Maybe I'll have an address one of these days.

How is the back?  I didn't even know it was bothering you except that day you got the catch in it.  Maybe Dr. Meyer could help you out.  We are both fine except I get numb from sitting so much.  My time goes a little faster now.  I'm getting used to doing nothing.

I wasn't very surprised about you selling the place.  I hope you find a nice place and it will be wonderful for Daddy to get out of the store.  It will be better for both of you.  You won't be so lonesome and he will feel better when he gets a little air and sunshine.  Have you any farms in mind?  When do you have to move?  You said in about 3 months but does that mean Jan. 1?  I hope you won't move till we get home Christmas and get our things out of your way.  Do you still think you'll sell most of your things and not have to move them?

B goes to Middletown today.  We're going early and look for me a blouse.  I found one the other day but they didn't have my size.

I keep forgetting to tell you that I asked about the sewing machine right after we got back but they still don't have one for me.  I'll keep trying and maybe I'll get one by Christmas.  I'm already beginning to look forward to Christmas.

You needn't bother about the Hershner address.  I found it in a magazine.

I'll try to write on Wednesdays now.  Hope to hear from you soon."

              Lots of love,

                      B & Bonnie

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