Thursday, April 26, 2012

November 6, 1946 The Windy Election Returns, The Bissell, The Church and The Meat

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B is listening to the election returns and I got tired hearing the same thing over and over.

This wind has simply blown a gale all day long and is still at it but I haven't been out of the house today.  It's pretty cold but has been a beautiful sunny day.  It doesn't seem like it could be November.

We haven't done much more to our apartment since I wrote last.   I did put those cotton panels you sent in the bedroom.  I didn't get them ironed very straight so they look pretty awful but they do make the place look more like someone lived here and I hope to get some drapes before long.  I've looked for chintz several times but haven't found what I want.  Today I put a coat of undercoat on the chest of drawers.

We bought a Bissell sweeper Saturday.  You should have one.  They're so easy to use.  You might be interested that White machines have gone up $15.50.  Weren't we lucky that we got yours before that happened.

Sunday we went to church in Berlin.  It is a Congregational church and the service was very nice.  The church is very old and a typical New England church--white, tall spire, etc.  If I don't forget I'll put in a program.  Since it was communion day there was no adult sermon but there was a child's sermon and then the children all left.  The communion service was like ours only longer.

I forgot to thank you for sending the paper.  We enjoyed the letters and in fact, the whole thing.

We have been having meat.  You can find some kind most of the time now.  It is still high but has gone down some.  Pork chops are .69, hamburger is from .59 to .65, steak around .75.  Eggs have gone down a lot.  They were .75 when we came out here but they are .57 now.  We still can't get lard but found some Wesson oil the other day.  We still haven't an ice box so I wouldn't want to take a chance with a case of eggs.  They might spoil on me.

We went to McLeod's Sunday afternoon and she helped me with my knitting so I have one leg of Jerry's snow pants done.  I hope he doesn't need them too badly.

I don't guess I'll get my afghan finished before Christmas.  I haven't touched it in a long time and there are so many other things which have to be done.

You can send our mail to the little post office here now.  We have a box and have been getting part of our mail there.  Just address it to Grove Street, East Berlin, Conn, box 39.

Hope you're both fine.  Take care of yourselves."

                    Lots of love,

                             B & Bonnie

NOTE from Ann:  Use the link for an excellent article on the midterm elections of November, 1946.


  1. Finally got here to read this one. Isn't it hard to believe that the prices for the sewing machine and the food were considered high. Makes me wonder what things will cost in the future. Perhaps it is best not to think about that though, I hate to think what we are handing to our children.
    I also like that little piece of yarn attached to the letter, what a wonderful tiny thing to find and get a glimpse of your mom's rug. Priceless.
    Thanks Ann, and thanks to Bonnie too.

  2. If there is anything consistent across all the letters, it seems to be about the price of food. My parents were so accustomed to food being readily available on a farm so I guess the prices were alarming to them when they moved to a city.

    I love the little things attached to the letters like the yarn, scraps of fabric, etc. But that little piece of yard gave me a good chuckle. I love Mom's comment with it. Thanks, Margaret, for always finding the time to read and write back!


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