Thursday, April 26, 2012

November 13, 1946 Looking for a Desk, The Minister is Calling, Lard on High and Club Day

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is such a nice day but I keep wondering how many more nice days we'll have--especially after hearing about the storms in the west.

We spent Saturday in Hartford looking for a desk and a brown chair.  There are very few desks and they are either too much money or too cheap looking.  We couldn't find any kind of brown chair.  I think I want a platform rocker--at least, some sort of easy chair.  There was one desk that we liked but it was $75. and that is too much to pay even if it was solid mahogany.  I'm going to Middletown with B this afternoon and maybe I can find something down there.  Yesterday I finished the chair cover and it looks real nice.  It is green striped and when I first brought it home I was disappointed but now that it's made it is just fine.

B was home Armistice Day and worked around the apartment.  We went to church again Sunday and have been expecting the minister to call on us any night for he said he was coming.

Have you decided where you will move?   You would have Maude for a neighbor if you moved to the Winsor place.  Wouldn't that be great?  Does anyone live upstairs in Brace Rosenaur's house?  If they do you would not like living there.  Did Irene ever get the dining room set?  We plan to bring back our little tables and a few more things Christmas.  I do hope you find a farm so you won't have to move twice.  It makes me tired to think of it.

The price of meat seems to be settled now.  Steaks stay at .69.  Lard is what is high.  I got my first pound Saturday and it was .59.  It is almost impossible to find so if you have any extra don't sell it till I get home because if we have a refrigerator by then I'll want some of it.

Tell Beulah I have the leggings almost done.  Now I'm wondering if they'll fit.

This is the only pencil I could find so I doubt if you can read this.

Tomorrow is club day.  My hair has to be washed and my fingernails fixed.  I'd better get to work because I haven't even washed my breakfast dishes and it's after 12:00.  I washed though and have had my lunch so bye for now."

                        Lot of love,

                                B & Bonnie

NOTE from Ann:  In the quirky news on Nov. 13, 1946, artificial snow was produced for the first time and dropped over Mt. Greylock in the Berkshires.

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