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May 4, 1946 Like Any Big Book, Bonnie Costs B Alot, Sad for the Roommate and Full of Dogwoods

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The dissertation is finally in.  We certainly feel relieved and have been thoroughly enjoying ourselves doing some of the things we want to do.  The book looks real nice.  B had to hand in two to the school and of course we kept one for ourselves.  It is blue (cloth bound) with gold letters.  It looks just like any big book except it is typed of course.  We will bring it home this summer to show off.  It will still be the middle of June before we really know if B will get his Ph.D.  I don't see how they could reject the dissertation though.  We worked so hard on it.

I go back to school Monday.  I have certainly done a lot during my vacation besides type.  I made a blouse and a dress (little yellow school dress).  I also bought a new good dress.  It is navy blue and quite plain except for a little peplum in front.  It will make a good year-round dress.  I looked for a hat too but they are all so cheap looking they that I bought a new flower for the one I have.  Oh, yes, I got a permanent too.  B has really been handing out the cash.  He laughed this morning and said he would get a regular typist to do the next dissertation.  It would be cheaper.

I didn't get your letter today.  I hope there will be good news in it when it does come.  I think of all of you everyday.

Dorothy has been called back to Washington because her sister is about to die.  She has cancer and is only 37 with 4 children.  We are terribly sorry.  We were also afraid we'd have to move but they said we could stay--that is, the manager of this housing project.  He suggested we get someone to share the house since there are only two of us.  People in the smaller houses who have children would complain so we are going to try to get someone.  I know we can find someone nice.

The woods behind the house are just full of dogwoods and they are all coming out.  We went out and got a big bouquet the other evening.

B's slide of the dogwoods, 1946

There just isn't any more news so take care of yourselves."

                       Lots of love,

                               B & Bonnie

NOTE from Ann:  B's dissertation was widely cited in the research as the standard work in the field.

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