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June 8, 1946 The Baby, Only Chicken, Still Sewing, The Wonderful Feeling and The Best Time

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I don't think I was ever so glad to get your letter as I was today.  I had worried all week about Beulah and it's a relief to know she is getting along all right.  I hope they keep her in the hospital till they are positive she's all right.  I wish I could be home now.  We would certainly make her be a lady for awhile.  I like Richard Taylor very much for a name and Dick wouldn't be a bad nick name.

Tell Charlotte I'd like a piece of her fried chicken.  We have chicken once in awhile (that is all the meat you can buy now) but it doesn't taste good like Missouri chicken.  I would love to be a little mouse and watch you and Daddy and Charlotte.  You'll have her spoiled rotten but she must be awfully good the way you talk.

When Dorothy left we bought enough of her furniture to do us.  We were lucky enough to find two slip covers just alike for the couches.  As yet, we haven't done much to make our apartment very homelike--no curtains or pictures but we don't intend to until we see how it is to be decorated.  It would be a waste of time and money to buy curtains now.  When we find out for sure that we can live here next year we will fix up the place but I don't want to work hard all for nothing.

No, I haven't done any more looking for sewing machines.  I'll take a look though and if I can find a small cabinet (like Bessie's) White for $60. or so I'll bring it to you when we come if you want it.  We could put it behind the seat.  I don't plan to do much sewing this summer--maybe a housecoat.  I have one rayon dress to make but I'm going to make it soon.  I have a piece of batiste for Charlotte a dress that I may not get made before we come.  Before Dorothy left I made a couple of dresses on her machine.  One of them was the wash crepe you like so well.  I was all set to bring you a couple but they said one dress length to a customer.  I got one for myself and B got a piece for his mom for Mother's Day.  Maybe I'll run across more one of these days.  It was just luck that day.

It is going to be a wonderful feeling to be through with school but I won't know what to do with myself.  I have been filling out applications for teaching jobs but I don't know whether I'll teach or not.  It would have to be the right kind of job.  No, the school work hasn't been hard.  This last year has been the worst with the dissertation and all the worry that went with it.  It seemed just awful at the time but now it doesn't seem so bad.  One forgets such things pretty fast.  This semester is so near out that all my work is done except for one final exam.  Hopkins has exams all next week so they are through, too.

We were invited to one of B's boys' home for dinner Tuesday night and had the best time.  We were the only guests and I've never been in a more beautiful home in my life.  The father is a self-made doctor.  They are Jewish by race, but not creed for they had ham.  There are two boys--8 and 13 and they're so cute.  The dinner was ordinary--ham, peas, green beans, etc.--but everything was just delicious and I've never seen such portions in my life.  They certainly are lovely people and when we left they gave us a loin roast that must be 5 or 6 lbs.  I wish I could describe their home but I can't.  They had everything from Persian rugs to a pipe organ.

Today is a beautiful day but showers are predicted.  We usually manage to have a rainy Sunday.

Write soon.  I'll be anxious to know when Beulah gets home."

                    Lots of love,

                           B & Bonnie

NOTE from Ann:  On June 8, 1946, the allied powers celebrated victory together in London.  See newsreel footage:

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