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June 29, 1946 The Graduation, Safe From the Draft, The Soap Supply, The Projector and The Sewing Machine Drama

 Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Summer has finally come.  The weather has been real warm and I've practically lived in shorts.  We went to the beach one afternoon but didn't go in the water.  The breeze was so cool off the water that I didn't want to go in.  I did wade a little though and wished after it was too late that we had gone in.

I registered for school this morning.  B thinks he'll be safe from the draft now till September so we just hope I'll get through school.  I will have three classes from 9:25 till 12:00 every day.  That won't be bad at all but I do expect to have to study quite a bit.

Graduation was real nice.  Altogether there were about 700 degrees granted.  Some of those had finished at mid year so were not in the procession.  I guess you have the programs by now.  Trygve Lie of the United Nations was given an honorary degree.  When his name was called the audience just made the room ring with applause.  They never tell who is getting honorary degrees until graduation.  There were some scientists and authors who got degrees too.

B's dad sent him a check for $50. for graduation.  He was so surprised he hardly knew what to do but today he bought a projector with it.  Now we can project our color pictures.  He is taking it apart now to see how it works.  We plan to bring it with us this summer and we'll have a picture show.

How is the soap supply?  We get some now and then and will try to bring some to you when we come.

I'm afraid I made you too hopeful about the machine.  I will really be surprised if I get one in time but I thought it was worth trying.  Don't send any money till I get it.  I'll keep looking for dress material too.  So far, I haven't had any luck.  Is there anything else that I might look for?

We are going to Hill's tomorrow night for supper.  I know we'll have a good time for we always do.

We have just loafed the whole week and there isn't anything to write so bye for now."

                       Lots of love,

                               B & Bonnie

The Diploma (Image courtesy of BAB
And also in the news:

NOTES from Ann: B's education credentials are now complete:  1937, Teaching Certificate;
1941, B.A. and B.S.; 1943 M.A.; 1946, Ph.D. (26 years old)

For a brief biographical sketch of Trygve Lie:

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