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June 22, 1946 The Hunt, B Loves A Parade, The Letter, The Tennis and The Army

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Your letter came yesterday and since B was going to the dentist I went downtown too and went hunting for you a machine.  They had samples but wouldn't sell any of them.  I put my name on their waiting list for a White.  It is quite nice--cabinet model--not fancy but nice--full rotary with attachments (I don't know which ones) for $94.50.  The saleswoman said they had delivered quite a few and it might not be too long even if there were lots of names on the list.  If it comes before we come home we'll bring it and if it doesn't I can just cancel the order.  I went to Singers too and they can just keep their old machines.  Their cheapest sample didn't look half as good or have half the good qualities of the White and it was $151. 

I also looked for you some dress material but there wasn't any.  I'll keep on the lookout though.

B got his cap and gown this morning and has been parading around the house in it.  The official letter about his degree came Monday.  We plan to have dinner downtown after graduation and I guess that will be all of our celebration.  We'll probably have a Chinese dinner because we still like to eat in the same little Chinese restaurant once in awhile.

We have been playing tennis almost everyday.  There are five courts here and we use school rackets and balls.  There are so many nice things about living here we like it more and more but now we know that we'll have to move before school starts in the fall.  There are so many boys enrolled that they have to make classrooms out of our apartment.

If B should go to the army and was sent out of New England I wouldn't want to stay here.  I would try to go where he was sent.  Everyone of our friends thinks we are silly to even think he'll be drafted.  They say the army won't take him and I hope they are right.

I have had some teaching jobs offered to me but I want to wait until things are more definite before I even think of a job.

I wish you could all come for graduation.  Write soon."

                         Lots of love,

                                B & Bonnie

NOTES from Ann:  In spite of the prophecy written in B's 6th Grade Memory Book, he seemed destined for Education.  His first credential (as was the custom) was a teaching certificate in 1937 after he graduated from high school, authorizing him to teach for 2 years.  At his high school graduation ceremony, he gave the oration,"Education in a Democracy".

Written by B's 6th grade classmate

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