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January 6, 1946 The Sears Catalog, Twelve More Pages, Dorothy Rae Sings and Geneva Looked Glamorous

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We really did cash in on the mail this morning.  We had four letters and it really boosts our morale when we get letters.  We got yours, one from B's mother,  Mabel Ann and Granny Gibson.

Granny's 1" tall china boots
Rosalynn gave me a big box of stationary for Christmas so I decided I would use part of it.  There were three sizes of paper and envelopes.  We had a package from Granny Gibson yesterday.  She sent B a crocheted  bookmark and me one of those lovely buffet sets she was making last summer.  We sent her things for their collections.  She collects china shoes and has 75 different ones.  We sent Maude some salt and pepper shakers.  They were little brown owls--real cute.

It was nice having two letters this week.  I got one Monday.  The mail has been late anyway so it probably wouldn't have gotten here if you had written it on time.

B has gone to school to keep study hall this morning.  That is a nuisance but they all have to do it.

I sent you the Jan. Journal this morning.  At least, B took it to mail if he doesn't forget it.  Did you ever get the Dec. one?

Dorothy Rae

We enjoyed the picture and clipping about Geneva.  She really looked glamorous.  B's mother said Mary B. and George Wm. are to be married tomorrow in the church.  Dorothy Rae is going to sing. 

The little cards in your Xmas package are book plates.   Write your name on the blank place at the bottom and paste them in your books.  They are usually put inside the front cover or on the flyleaf.

What has been wrong with Charlotte?  Just a cold?

We got a Sears catalog too and it was just like getting a present.  It has so many things in it.  I think B has practically memorized it.

I'm going to be on the look-out for spring materials for a dress.  Would you like me to get you some if any comes in?  Would you like petaldown for everyday dresses or something for good?  How much material does it take for you?  If I get a chance to buy any Nylons I'll get your some but it will probably be a long time.  Before Xmas there weren't any stockings of any kind to be bought.

My vacation ends Monday but I've done a lot.  I made a white sharkskin blouse and have two strips on my afghan almost finished.

B wrote about 12 pages and read a lot during his vacation.  He still thinks he will finish it in time.  I can hardly wait till it is handed in.

We have our car all fixed now.  They really did a nice job and didn't have it but a week.  There was lots of work on it too.  The door had to be taken completely apart and even the gas tank had to be taken out so the side could be straightened.

We still have lots of eggs so I don't think you better send any for a while.

Horace and Mabel expect to start home any day now.  They were certainly disappointed when we couldn't see them Christmas.  Mabel and Steve have the measles (three day kind) but they put Mabel to bed.  She is all right now.

I guess this is all the news.  Write soon."

                                  Lots of love,

                                       B & Bonnie

NOTES from Ann:  The image of the Sears catalog is from, which is an excellent resource for both genealogical research and images from the past.  There are over 1000 images for this catalog alone.  The '46 catalog contained many goods which were not readily available during the war.

And about Geneva:  I don't know what she did that warranted press coverage and I don't have the mentioned clipping.

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