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September 1, 1945 The Springless Couch, The Key is in the Mail and Practically Moved In

FILE - In this Sept. 1, 1945, file photo President Harry Truman broadcasts his message on the formal surrender of Japan from the White House in Washington. Truman called on Congress in 1945 to create a national insurance program for those who pay voluntary fees, saying medical care is a right of all Americans. The American Medical Association denounces the idea as "socialized medicine." Truman tries for years but can't get it passed. (AP Photo/File) — AP
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has been a hectic week trying to get things in order to move.  We finally rented the apartment to a divinity student and his wife.  They bought all our furniture except the couch.  They had one so I sold it to a dealer this morning for $15. and felt lucky to get that much out of the springless thing.  I'm waiting now for them to come after it.  We kept our desk and radio table for there were none at our new place.

The woman who rented the apartment last seems to be a very stubborn person.  She has been completely moved for two weeks but since her rent was paid up to yesterday she has kept the key all that time and we're still waiting for it before we can even move one thing.  We're supposed to get it in the mail this morning but don't know yet.  It's lucky the new people didn't want to move in here until Tuesday.

We drove by the new place last night and got our mail.  Your letter will come today I guess and we'll go after it.

Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly in "Anchors Away"
We have stayed at home most of the week trying to rent this place but did go to a show with Bob and Harriet last night.  They started on vacation this morning--were going to her folks in the Catskills in upper New York.

We are going to have to elect a new Dames president and are trying to persuade Harriet to take it.  The one we had is leaving and they tried to get me to serve again but it is too much work and I said no.

I haven't been to the dentist this week because I've been recuperating from my last visit.  He filled one which seemed apparently all right.  It started to ache and after several treatments he found it had an exposed nerve and had to pull it.  It felt good to have it out--it's one of those jaw teeth that Doc filled years ago.

The yarn came this morning but I haven't even untied the package.  There is too much to do.

School starts in two weeks.  They are already making plans at Hopkins.

Your watch is supposed to be ready today but we are going to keep it awhile to see that it runs right before we send it.  We'll take it back if it doesn't.

Don't forget our phone number because it won't be listed--6-7075.

When we get moved I'll try to tell you all about our new house.

                                  Lots of love,

                                         B & Bonnie

Well, we got the key & are practically moved.  I didn't know we did have so much stuff.  Our freight came last week.  The boxes are in good shape but we haven't opened any of them yet.  Your letter came this morning.  Bye for now."

NOTE from Ann:  On September 1, 1945, Truman's radio address to the nation officially proclaimed V-J Day as Sunday, September 2, 1945.  To hear the address, use the link below:

And about going to a show:  The movie options this week would have been "Anchors Away", with Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Kathryn Grayson, or "Call of the Wild", with Clark Gable and Loretta Young.  My bet is on "Anchors Away".  B loved to watch Gene Kelly dance and he could always do a great imitation.

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