Saturday, March 24, 2012

May 26, 1945 The Last Yale Class, Not Enough Gas and Through With the Dames

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is B's last class at Yale and he's awfully glad.  He should have been home long ago but the professor is a woman who talks on and on.  He comes home awfully disgusted sometimes.  He teaches classes at Hopkins all next week and then has to help give final exams for three days.  Then that work will all be over.

I have been typing for him this morning and we have a small section of the dissertation ready to hand in for approval.

Sully is taking us to dinner today.  This is his last class too.  He didn't come until this morning and I had my lunch all planned but he resisted so I guess we'll eat with him.

At four o'clock this afternoon we're going to "open house" at one of the professors.  Tonight we're going to spend the evening with Coggers.  We'll just sit and talk probably.

I have been crocheting a little on my tablecloth and will be anxious when school is out so I can have more time.  I have all my books read except one and will do it this week.

We haven't made any plans about coming home.  It will be late summer if we do because we want to get this thesis done first.  If the boys from Europe are shipped across the country the trains may be so crowded that we can't come.  Unless the gas situation changes more than it has we couldn't possibly come in the car.  That would be wonderful if we could.  We wouldn't have enough gas even if we saved every coupon all summer.

We've been having awfully pretty days.  It is warm outside but so cool inside.  We don't have any heat now.  It stays so chilly there are lots of colds.  I have a little one but it doesn't amount to anything.

I'm so sorry Bessie is sick again.  It seems strange that Francis Jr. is old enough to be out of high school.  I hope he can get into the navy if that's what he wants.  I guess it would be better than the army.

Spring coats have been advertised since Easter but the nice ones have been sold by now.  I would be afraid to buy one for you because stores here will not give refunds or make exchanges on sale goods.  Why don't you wait till next spring?  Maybe by then you can get an all wool one.  So many of them are mostly rayon now.

I am through with the Dames' worries now.  We had our last big meeting Wednesday night.  We had a concert by one of the girls who is studying voice at Yale.  Husbands were invited and we had such a big party.  As fast as I made sandwiches they ate them up.  They were tiny open faced ones though and make about two bites.  We had cake and coffee besides.  This summer we'll meet in the girls' homes and sew or just talk.

B's mother is sick but we don't know how badly.  I hope she's better by now."

                                  Lots of love,

                                            B & Bonnie

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