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June 15, 1945 B Doesn't Make Much Headway, The Four Books and Grab-bag Meat

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It sure is wonderful to have so much time to use as I want.  At last we have summer weather and I'm really enjoying it.  I don't care much for New England winters.  It has been in the 90's all this week but our apartment is cool and I haven't done much work.  I don't think we could find a cooler place to live than we have. 

The first of the week I spent it cleaning and getting ready for the Dames.  We had a real nice evening and I served cake, little sandwiches and coffee.  Most of the girls work and they really enjoy getting together for an evening just to talk and not have to do anything much.

I guess having to read so much for school has me in the habit for I've read four books since I finished the required ones.  One of them was The Robe and I've never read a book that impressed me more.  I even dreamed about it.  It certainly is a beautiful story.  Now I can understand why it has been a best-seller so long.  Then I just finished Farewell to Arms which is a World War II story and is pretty good.  The others were a French novel and Steinbeck's The Moon is Down.  That is about the German occupation of Norway.  It is quite short but good.

I still haven't fitted the red checked dress but I got the plaid one cut out.  I have been trying to crochet some booties for the new little Dustin.  I have a little bib to put with them if I ever get them finished.

Yesterday I stood in line at the grocery store for over an hour but came out with a big steak so it was worth it.  One woman told me they had been selling meat grab-bag style.  It was all wrapped up and you bought it and paid points without knowing what you were getting.  I'd rather know what I was getting.  Eggs are as scarce as meat but there are lots of real nice fresh vegetables.

You should see my pretty bouquet.  It is pink peonies and roses.  The lady next door gave them to me and one of her customers had brought them to her.

B bought a light summer suit yesterday.  He has been sweltering in a tie and wool suit and I have been begging him to get one.  The terrific heat finally convinced him.  It is light grey with a fine white stripe and he really looks nice and comfortable in it. 

Tomorrow we are taking lunch and bathing suits and are going to a state park and beach for the day.  It is about 25 miles from here and we've never been there.  It has been closed to the public because the army was using it, but it's open again.

Dr. Lovell told B that they wanted him to teach at Hopkins next fall but he still didn't know how much they would pay.  If they are as generous as they have been it will be fine.  So I guess we'll be here for at least another year.

B doesn't make much headway with the dissertation.  He intends to finish it this summer if it is at all possible so don't plan too much on our coming home.  It would be an awful disappointment if we didn't get to come but we aren't making any plans yet.  School starts at Hopkins Sept. 25 and if we get to come it will be late August or early Sept.  All we can do now is work and hope, but we don't want you to be disappointed.

I hope you both have a nice Dad's Day tomorrow.  We'll be thinking of you.  Take good care of yourselves and write soon." 

                              Lots of love,

                                          B & Bonnie

NOTES from Ann:  A brief review of The Robe follows:

By Lloyd C. Douglas
This review is from: The Robe 
Lloyd C. Douglas' The Robe has become my favorite book. I came upon the book quite by accident a few years ago, and I have since read it 3 times. This book is not just a great religious novel, it is a great novel. Even if the reader is not a Christian, he/she will find it hard to put down. The reader is drawn in from the very first paragraph. Douglas certainly has a knowledge of ancient Rome and Judea, and he uses historical references to great effect. The characters are some of the most richly crafted I have ever read. The tale works on many levels: a love story; a tale of suspense; a tale of political intrigue; and, ultimately, a triumph of the human spirit and the power of personal redemption. For those without a clear view of Christianity (which is easy to understand these days), this book is for you. While a novel, this book is probably a fairly accurate portrayal of the early Jesus movement in Judea and in Rome. This book should be on every bookshelf. (

For reviews of the lesser known Steinbeck novel, The Moon is Down:

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