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February 10, 1945 The Blizzard, The Headmaster Marries an Old Maid, "A Song to Remember", "The Merry Widow", The Old Blue Gown and Fried Pies

Bonnie on Valentine's Day, 1945
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I guess you have heard over the radio about our terrible snow storm.  New Haven seems to be lucky for we seem to always get the light end of the storms.  It was bad enough here and we really had a blizzard.  There was no school yesterday because of the snow so we both had a day off.  So many students at Teachers College come in on the train everyday and of course a lot of trains were tied up in the snow drifts.  Yesterday was a beautiful day.  The sun was really bright and everything was white and clean.  It's awfully warm today and a person needs boots to cross the street.

Last night we went to a movie.  It was "A Song to Remember" and
was wonderful.  If you get a chance to see it don't miss it.   This afternoon we're going to see an operetta--"The Merry Widow".  Tickets were half-price for the afternoon performance so we decided to take advantage of it.

You sent plenty of postage.  I don't remember how much it was but I'm sure you sent enough.

My time is pretty much filled up but it doesn't take much energy to read so I don't get tired.  We have plenty of fun along with our work and that helps a lot.

The Dames are having a Valentine's Party this week and it's a dress up affair.  I tried to find material for a new evening dress but I guess it's a good thing I didn't buy any.  I never would have gotten it done.  I got out my old blue one and sent it to the cleaners.  It looks pretty good so I'm going to wear it. 

Then next week we're going to a wedding reception.  The headmaster at Hopkins is marrying an old maid and they are really making a show of it.  We were supposed to go to a tea for them next Wednesday but we can't go to everything.

Your baked beans sound good.  I made some fried pies the other night and they were really good.  Peaches would have been better but you have to take what dried fruit you can find.

We couldn't get a Life this week.  They were all gone.  I hope you're both fine.  Write soon."

                                      Lots of love,

                                             B & Bonnie

NOTE from Ann:  Watch a great clip of "A Song to Remember" below. 

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