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April 19, 1941 The Wedding, The Minister's Wife and The Food Show

April 19, 1941

Dear Mother and Daddy,

"Your card was really welcome.  As we came from school we were wishing for a card or letter.  I meant to write a letter instead of a card earlier this week but it seems that I haven't time for anything.

Ladies Home Journal, March, 1941

Last Sunday we stopped at Conway and ate breakfast.  It was just 8:30 when we got in town so we went to the florist's for the flowers.  B had ordered them sometime in the week so they were ready for us.  My corsage was pink roses and Helen's was pink sweet peas with a white rosebud in the middle.  They were both awfully pretty, but of course mine was nicest.  Ha!  We went straight to the church and he was already there.  The church was just beautiful.  I wish you could all have been there.

The altar was decorated with dozens of potted white lilies, pink snap dragons, spirea, ferns, and some other green potted plants.  Behind all this were a lot of white candles for the church service but they weren't lighted until church.  The preacher took us back in his office and told the procedure of the ceremony so we wouldn't be scared.  It didn't help me much though--I was scared to death but B wasn't even nervous.  Mr. Johnson was dressed in his swallow-tail coat and looked so nice.  He gave me the prettiest certificate besides the one on the license.  The ceremony was very formal and was pretty long.  One of the nicest parts of it was the organ music.  The minister's wife had come to play especially for us.  She was playing when we got there and played until the ceremony was over.

After our wedding we came out here and put our things away.  We went back to church and there was one of the largest crowds I ever saw.  We sat in a place big enough for one person.  We ate dinner at Gabriel's, here in town, and went to the show that afternoon.  Billy and Helen started home about six.

We are going to the food show tonight so I must stop and go after some groceries.

We're having lots of fun and it isn't a bit hard to cook.  We will be home Friday.  I'll probably write a card next week."


                                                  B & Bonnie

Bonnie & B, 1941


  1. I am enjoying your writing very much. Congratulations on this new adventure and keep them coming! Thank you!

  2. It's so nice to have the details of the wedding now!

    I'm enjoying this so much. Thank you for this.


  3. I look fwd. every day to your "letters"..........grew up in the 40' much fun to read what I was too young to know. I'm waiting to see when the magazine prices take their jump. Thank you so very much. My daughter who is in her 50's also enjoys them..........I fwd. every day to her. Thanks again.

    1. Hello Judith! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and I'm delighted that you enjoy the letters! I think it's really interesting to see the prices on things as they change. The magazine prices stayed quite low for a long time. Woman's Day sold for 2¢ for many years before it went up to a nickel. Can you imagine! Thanks again for writing.


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