Monday, January 26, 2015

July 9, 1966 The Beans, The 100 Rolls and The Little Chair

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There isn't much news but we were glad to have your letter today. We are still eating vegetables out of your garden and enjoying them. I cooked the beans the afternoon we got home and that was most of our supper.

I haven't bought much at the grocery store this week--except toilet paper. That sounds funny but it was sort of a joke on me. They advertised Scott on sale for 10¢ and that is as cheap as we ever buy it. I told B I was going to buy a case and he said we'd probably get 48 rolls but that was fine. When I started to pay for it I learned there were 100 rolls in the case but I took it anyway.

It has been so hot this week but is a little better now. We really need rain.

B has been swamped with work this week and didn't even get home at lunch time two days.

Tomorrow we are going to take Ann & a friend to Chicago for the day. We'll just window shop and let them look at whatever they want to see.

I've been sanding on the little chair but there is still a lot to do. The legs are all done and part of the back and seat. I haven't had time to figure up and order the inlay but think it is going to take the narrowest strip in the catalog.

I have to clean some shoes so I'd better say bye and do it."

                    Lots of love,


NOTE:  Thanks to for sharing the great postcard of State Street in Chicago!

NOTE:  There was never a written recipe for the green beans, but they were slow cooked with a barbeque-like sauce of brown sugar, red wine vinegar, catsup, bacon, large chunks of smoked ham and onions.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

June 25, 1966 The Lovely Breeze, The Extra Things, The Colonial Style and The Long List

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There is a lovely breeze but the weather has been hot all week. I played golf Wednesday morning and the breeze was wonderful but I almost got sunburned.

I have been trying to get at a few extra things but so far, I haven't done a thing extra. Bob's room is about cleaned out but that has to be done early in the morning since it has been so hot.

We had a letter from him yesterday and he sounded real happy. His roommate is a senior so he'll be a lot of help to him.

The campus is small and everything is close. It is very beautiful and built around a large sunken mall covered with grass. The main building is the Christopher Wren building. He designed the church that is being moved from England to the Westminster campus in Fulton, isn't it? The college began in 1695. Imagine? It is soft red brick and all of the other buildings of brick are this same kind--even the business building. The modern business district is colonial style too and it's like being in another country.

I don't seem to be able to get anywhere with this letter & it's almost noon. I will just quit trying and wait until next weekend and tell you about Williamsburg. If things go as planned we'll be home Saturday afternoon & come back Monday. It isn't long but we want to come when we can. It will be mid-afternoon.

I'm so glad Daddy liked the Bible. I bought the biggest print I could find so it would be easy to read.

B is ready for lunch & he always has a long list of Saturday jobs to do so I'll say bye now & we'll see you Saturday."

                   Lots of love,


Friday, January 23, 2015

June 12, 1966 The Activities, The Capsules, The Clothes and The Hollow Feeling

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Well, school is out and the town is quiet but B has worked in the office all day. He's trying to get things in order so we can take Bob to school. This is always a real busy time but we are planning to leave Tuesday noon. Bob can't get into the dorm until next Sunday so we'll have to leave him in a motel like we did last summer. I hate to do it but B says he has to be at work Monday morning for registration. I think Williamsburg is about 1000 miles from here. Ann is going to stay with Polly. I'd rather she would go with us but she hates to ride and says she'd be tired out for summer school.

We haven't had much time for anything but school activities this week. The kids had class night Thursday night and graduation was Friday night. The college graduation was yesterday morning but I didn't go to that. Bob was in the upper 10% of his class so had a gold cord to wear on his robe to show that.

The graduation was outdoors. It was real cool but a beautiful evening and a nice ceremony. I wish some of you could have come. Horace had said they might but they didn't.

I'm still fighting that sore throat. It is better today so maybe it's going away. I had my annual physical exam Friday and Dr. Ball gave me some capsules to take for the throat so I hope they are working. I've just had to push myself around to get anything done. Other than that, I'm fine.

Tomorrow we must get Bob's clothes ready. It is hard for me to believe that he is really going to be in college. Of course, I want him to go but it leaves a hollow feeling when I think of it.

Hope both of you are fine."

                Lots of love,

January 18, 1948 Time flies!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

June 5, 1966 The Letter, The Birdbath, The Dresses and The Humdinger

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I was so glad to have your letter and know that you had mine. Ann was relieved too and had worried about it, I think. She still insists that she dropped it someplace and someone mailed it.

This is such a gorgeous day. I have been putting out some more petunias and I think this will be all. We bought a birdbath for one corner of the yard and the birds have found it and are enjoying it.

Bob & Malcolm are out at the Lake water skiing and Ann has a friend here with her. B and I both are still sort of draggy and our throats are still sore so I don't know how long it takes to get rid of this stuff. Maybe the hot sunshine will help cook it out.

The pink locust is beginning to bloom but it won't have as many as usual and I don't think the daylilies will bloom at all.

I have made Ann two dresses this week. One was dotted swiss and she told me exactly how to make it. It turned out real pretty. Then I made a printed whipped cream and didn't even show her the material until the dress was almost done. She liked it real well. She giggled and said she wouldn't have liked the material if I'd shown it to her first. Sometimes it takes longer to buy the material and pattern than it does to make the dress when I let her choose. She is making herself a blouse and skirt. B told her he would let her buy a new piece of material every time she finished a garment herself. She really sews pretty well and just needs practice so maybe she'll get it this way.

We stayed around home all day Memorial Day except for the little ride to the pottery place for the birdbath.

I had a nice letter from Beulah this week but haven't heard from Buddy & Bessie in a long time. I am sorry we missed them.

The final week of school is coming up and it's going to be a humdinger. I think there is something to do every day and every night next week. I'll be glad when it's over.

I planned to make a meatloaf so I'd better get it going. Bob will come home starved. B is putting up screens and he'll be ready to eat, too.

Hope you both are fine."

                  Lots of love,


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

May 28, 1966 The Pink Locust, The Sunny Day, The College Decision and The Driver's Permit

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been having beautiful weather too but there aren't many flowers. The iris that survived the freeze are coming out but they are few and far between. People are going to have a hard time finding flowers for Memorial Day. The pink locust and the wisteria both have leaves now but I doubt if there will be flowers this year. The peonies are full of buds but they are tight.

Bob's class had skip day this week and it was a warm, sunny day so there were a lot of good sunburns. Malcolm was fire red but he insisted he wouldn't peel off. Bob dopes up with lotion and doesn't seem to blister but he would if he wasn't careful.


Bob's college decision is finally made and we are all glad. Yale turned him down but he didn't seem to care. We are glad we heard before he started summer school. The letter said there simply weren't enough places for the number that wanted in. I really feel that this is best for everyone. When they didn't take him at the very beginning I began to get afraid that he'd have an awful struggle keeping up with the ones they took right away. I'd much rather he'd do well and be happy somewhere else than squeak thru Yale and be miserable all of the time.

William & Mary

Everywhere he goes people say that Wm. & Mary is such a beautiful & wonderful place. He had a real nice letter from the director of the summer school and so I think he is satisfied.

I'm sorry we missed Buddy & Bessie. When did they stop & what are they doing in Canada?

Ann's recital was real nice last Sunday. We went only to hers. There were three in a row with a reception in the middle but we had to go to a tea so we didn't stay for the reception.

Dot had supper with us Tuesday night and now she is getting ready to move to Massachusetts. Her family is there but I'm not sure she is doing the right thing. Bob has really been enjoying her canoe. He and a friend helped her take it to the lake and so they've kept the road hot since then.

The last Pen Women meeting is to be here tomorrow--a tea--but you wouldn't know it by the way I'm sitting around. I got sick Tuesday night and haven't done much since then. It's a sore throat and the worst one I've ever had. It's much better but now I have a cough that is a real nuisance.

Monday is a holiday but I suppose we will all just loaf the day away. It is good to have a day when we can do that.

The car Polly & I thought should be car of the year, but wasn't

Polly stayed all night with Ann last night. She was 16 on Thursday and drove to our house that evening with her mother. She has been taking driving lessons at school and has a permit to drive with one of her parents. Ann will learn to drive this summer.

Hope you both are fine."

                  Lots of love,


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

May 21, 1966 The People, The Piano, The Nice Affair, The Waste of Time and The Vegetables

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has been a real busy week but it was so long. B got home about 7:00 last night and we were sure glad to see him. He had enjoyed the meeting and enjoyed the people there. There were two that we had known while we were at Yale.

Ann is playing the piano while I'm writing and it sounds so pretty. The tuner was here yesterday and I think he helped it but he said it had held real well since the last tuning. Ann's organ recital is tomorrow. I wish you could be here.

We're still having a lot of cold, rainy weather but there are good days mixed in. I keep wanting to work outside but can't get at it.

I played golf Wednesday morning but I'm sure terrible at it. It will just take more practice which I hope to get in during the summer. My clubs haven't come so I'm still using Bob's. Dot wanted B to take Ted's clubs in hopes that I can coax him to play with me some time. They are old clubs but good ones.

Bob didn't take the army examination but several of his friends did and I think he plans to. B has been advising students to take it. I haven't seen any of the tests but someone said that there was a lot of Math and Science in them. Bob took special tests in Math and Chemistry this week at school. Only a few kids took them because they are so hard and cost so much--these two were $25.00 but if he makes a real good grade on either one of them he would get college credit for it. So his teachers felt is was worth trying.

Wednesday was senior honors day at school when they announce all of the awards. All of Bob's science awards were announced but none of them were new. He got a medal and some certificates.

Then that night he and I went to a dinner for honor students that the Rotary Club gives. They chose 7 students from each school. It was a real nice affair. Each student was given a certificate (framed & ready to hang) for outstanding achievement. I was real sorry B had to miss it.

The Junior-Senior banquet and prom were last night. Bob wouldn't go. I begged him to go to the banquet but he said it was a waste of time and money.

We are going to a potluck supper tonight and I have to take the vegetables. I have some little new potatoes to fix with parsley & butter but haven't decided what else to take.

Hope you both are fine."

Ann, Recital Day

Bob, Rotary Day


                Lots of love,