Tuesday, October 21, 2014

January 30, 1965 The Japanese Dinner, The 7 Teenagers, The Broken Pitcher and The Dry Basement

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm really lazy this morning and Ann isn't even up yet but it is almost noon.  We had a Japanese dinner last night for 15 people so we are tired today.

B had to work in the office today but he got his own breakfast and I stayed in bed until the telephone got me out at 9:30.

I think I told you our President (ISU) was in Japan for a few days last fall and he wanted to see our pictures and show his to us.  We made a party out of the evening for the three (4 counting us) families that get together once in awhile. There are 7 teenagers among us but Ann is the only girl.  The boys accept her like a sister and she gets along fine.

We've had a parade of kids to see the guitar & try it out.  Bob does better with it now than Ann does but he has worked at it more.

This has been a busy week.  It is the end of the semester so there are extra things for everyone--exams and all.  B had two extra things he had to do which took a lot of time he needed for office work.  He is on that citizen's committee to get new hospitals for our area.  The committee was asked to tour two of our hospitals to see what they have and what they need.  Then the General Electric plant asked a group from school to come and see their computer system.  They hope to sell some of it to the University some time, I guess.

We have been going to Bloomington for Ann's organ lesson on Monday night instead of going to the church.  Her teacher said it would be several weeks before we could go back to the church.  I don't know why but it is much easier for us, of course, since we just have to walk up the street about a block.

I'm so sorry about the cream pitcher. Were any of the pieces big enough to show the design?  We might try to replace it but we'd have to send a piece to show the pattern and it probably would take a year because of the writing back and forth. I'm glad it was the pitcher instead of a cup or plate.  B's mom broke a plate in her set. It just fell off the shelf one day for no reason at all.  She heard a crash & went into the dining room & found it.

Our basement is nice & dry again.  It was the recreation room where we had the trouble.  I should knock on wood, I guess, but you can never tell water has been there.  The man that laid the tiles knew what he was doing when he put the mastic on so heavy.  We had him close up the drain in that part of the basement so there is nothing to do but mop up when the water comes in.  There are drains in the other parts.

I have some other letters to write so will say bye for now.  Hope you both are fine."

                           Lots of love,

NOTE:  In the news...

Caption reads:  SPECTACLE.  Perched in trees along the route, boys have a fine view of inaugural parade as a float full of Indians from the state of New Mexico goes past.

For a look at the inauguration of LBJ:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

January 24, 1965 The Water, The Guitar, The Four Big Boys and The Navy Shoes


Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I spent most of yesterday mopping up water in the basement instead of writing letters.  It rained hard
for about 24 hours so a lot of people have water in their basements.  We have never had so much.  It started coming in under the molding at the floor Friday night.  The rain has changed to snow now so it is coming in more slowly now.

Bob had a nice birthday.  He was happy to have the money and I saved your card & the money & put it in with the things we gave him on his birthday.  We gave him a dictionary of tropical fish and some clothes he needed.  I made his cake Friday so he could have it when three of his friends were here. They came for supper & stayed all night.  They went home after lunch Saturday.  They always look forward to it but one of them will be gone to college next year.

Ann's guitar never did come but we did finally hear from the order after B wrote & then sent a telegram.  They couldn't fill the order for another month or two so B took Ann to Bloomington & got one.  It is almost exactly like the one we had ordered.

This has been a tiring week.  Four big boys can eat so much that I had to plan a lot of food.  I went to a coffee Friday morning in the pouring rain and that night B showed some of our Greek pictures to the English department.  They gave a party for one of the men who just finished his Ph.D.  B was their program.

Thursday afternoon I went to a luncheon for As You Like It Club. We usually just have dessert but this one hostess always invites us for lunch and it is always such a nice party.  She owns a loan company, is divorced and has no children.  She gives beautiful parties but she must be one of the loneliest persons I know.  All she seems to really have is a big poodle that loves her.

How are you both?  I hope you will be real careful this winter and not get any flu bugs.  We have been pretty lucky that way but I almost feel like saying it with my fingers crossed.

Ann had a dental appointment Friday and doesn't have to see him again until the end of March.  That is good news to me for it saves a lot of driving.

I haven't done much knitting since Christmas so I still have a long way to go on my sweater.  Maybe I'll have it for next fall.

Enna Jetticks 1965

Spring clothes are being displayed in the store windows but I'm not going to buy much except a hat.  I bought a pair of navy shoes on sale last week and they will be my spring shoes.  I do want to make that piece of whipped cream print before long & Ann will want something, I know.

I must stop so I can get this mailed.  Hope you are both fine."

                                 Lots of love,



Friday, October 17, 2014

January 17, 1965 The Carfull, The Ironing, The Quill Club and The Guitar

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been to Peoria today for a Pen Women's meeting.  B drove a carfull of women or we would not have gone for there was a real storm going when we got up this morning.

We have a lot of snow but the highway was good and we made the trip in the usual time.

The kids stayed at home.  Bob wanted to play basketball & go bowling and Ann wanted to go to a swimming meet.

I haven't done much of anything this week, it seems.  I did get things sorted out and put in my file cabinet and the desk cleaned up.  Then I got caught up on my ironing.  All the tablecloths & napkins we used at our New Year's dinner had to be washed.  They iron better if I take them out of the dryer at the right time so I saved them until I had time to do them right.

The first part of the week was pretty nice and B got home from Indiana before the weather started getting bad.

Ann had her first piano lesson Wednesday afternoon.  She seems to like the teacher fine.  The music looks awfully hard to me but Ann seems to think it's alright.

We had Quill club Thursday night and I went but hadn't written anything to read. I haven't written anything in so long.  There is always something else to do it seems.

Ann still doesn't have her guitar.  B wrote about it but we haven't heard at all so he's going to send them a telegram Monday.  It is real disgusting.

This isn't much letter but there just isn't anything to write.

Hope you both are fine."

                       Lots of love,


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

January 10, 1965 The Doorbell, The Four Families, The Dining Room Set, The Pattern and The Things

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm slow this week and this doesn't seem like Sunday for we didn't get up in time to go to Sunday School.  Polly woke me up at 9:25 when she rang the doorbell. She always goes with us or calls to tell us she won't be going.  We went to Bone's last night to their annual Swedish New Year party.

There are four families and we all play games together.  We always have so much fun we can't get the kids to come home and last night it was almost 2:00. The adults were all worn out but the kids were all going strong when we finally got all of the decorations off their Christmas tree.  Sometimes we sing carols but it was so late we sang Auld lang syne ( I can't even spell it) & came home.

B is on his way to Muncie, Indiana for a meeting in the President's place.  His aunt is not expected to live & he didn't want to leave town so asked B to go for him.  It is a beautiful, bright day so it will be a nice drive.  He'll be home Tuesday evening.

I haven't found any kind of pattern for your suit, but I didn't look in McCall's or Simplicity for I knew you could get them.  I have a basic suit pattern that is real old but I know it would be too small for you.

B & I drove to Lammerts yesterday, too, so we had a full day.  It was the last chance for weeks that we could go on Saturday but the weather forecast had been so bad we didn't know till Sat. morning whether we'd go or not.  We got up early & the weather looked o.k. so we left the kids in bed & went. Lammerts is just across Veterans Bridge so we went there & to one more wholesale place & we started back home by 11:00.  Lammerts had one dining room set we liked but it was too big for our house the way it was displayed & we have to think about it awhile.  I liked it all but the chairs--the backs were so high.  The discount wasn't as much as we expected and we can probably do as well in Chicago.

Ann is starting piano lessons again and has her first one with a new teacher Wed. after school.  The teacher is on our college music staff so should be good.  Ann's chorus director wanted her to take lessons again so badly that he made all of the arrangements for the teacher.  We hope Ann will make the most of it.

I rearranged the study last week so I could find a place for my file cabinet and spent two days cleaning out junk & papers I have saved.  Things certainly accumulate.

Hope you both are fine."

                Lots of love,


NOTES:  Lammerts Furniture, founded in 1897:  http://stlcin.missouri.org/history/structdetail.cfm?Master_ID=1571

The traditional celebration of St. Knut's day involves lots of games, eating, un-decorating the Christmas tree, and then sweeping the guests out the door with the needles.  Great fun!

Monday, October 13, 2014

January 2, 1965 The Fish, The Dinner, The Guitar and The Coat

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is so quiet around here.  Ann is at a friend's house.  B's at the office and Bob has gone to the pet shop.  He keeps getting more fish--says he has a plan for making some money.  Maybe he thinks he can raise fish.

We have really loafed the last two days.  Our New Year's Eve dinner was real nice but we sure had a lot of work to get ready for it.  B showed our slides and everyone enjoyed them.

None of us got up very early the last two days and so no one wanted to do a thing yesterday.  It poured rain all day long.  We had to go to an open house for a few minutes and we sure hated to dress up but I guess it didn't hurt us.

B and I have been downtown a little while and I finally bought a coat.  It is green with a small fur collar and quite pretty.  I was beginning to feel shabby in my old coat but it has really been a good one.

Ann's guitar still hasn't come and she is getting anxious.  I feel bad about it but she says she'll wait till it comes.  She got her braces off on Wed. and doesn't have to go to the dentist again for a month. Her teeth look so pretty and she is proud of them.  He moved them back about 3/8 inch.  It doesn't seem possible but the impressions showed it.

It seems so long since we were home.  We enjoyed it so much even if it was awfully short.

One evening this week we visited with some friends who went to Africa last summer.  They invited us to come & see their slides.  The woman's sister is in Southern Rhodesia & they were there.  The pictures were real interesting.

I must stop & iron some shirts.  Bob says he is out & I suppose he is since I haven't ironed this week.

Hope you all are fine."

                        Lots of love,


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

December 27, 1964 Safe, Sound and Glazed with Ice

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We're all home and safe & sound, before 3:00.  There was almost no traffic until Springfield.  Then it began to thicken but the State Police were out in force and people were being careful.

Things are glazed with ice here but the roads were all clear.

We really enjoyed being home and hope neither of you are too tired."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  Happy New Year!  See you in 1965!  I'm taking a few days off and then for a few weeks I am going to post every other day instead of daily so that I can update some earlier posts and get organized for the next few years!  See you back soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

December 19, 1964 Snowing, Quiet, Beautiful and Christmasy: Joy! Joy!

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been snowing a little and looks as if we may have a real dandy before it's over.  It has been terribly cold but the sun has shone and that's not so bad but today is gray.

Things are quiet around here for most of the students left yesterday.  We still have a few things left to do.  The church Christmas supper is tomorrow night.  I'm going to a coffee Monday morning and Monday night we're going to a program on the star of Bethlehem.  Ann has a dental appointment on Wed. and I hope nothing else will be added next week.

The As You Like It Club had its Christmas party Thursday night.  For 15 years one of the members has entertained the group in her home.  Her husband is a Dr. but always plays Santa at the party--even dresses in a Santa suit.  It is always a beautiful party.

B's College Alumni Club always has a ladies night at Christmas but they don't do anything special. Table decorations were Christmasy and we had turkey.  It was nice.

Tonight we can all stay at home.  Joy!  Joy!  There really isn't any news.  We are all fine and still hope to see you Thursday afternoon.  I don't know what time we'll start.

I must get some meat in the oven so we'll have some supper.  Don't do a lot of cooking this week. I've been making cookies.

Hope you both are fine."

                  Lots of love,