Tuesday, July 22, 2014

October 12, 1963 Indian Summer, PTA, Paris and Dad's Day

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We are still having wonderful Indian Summer but each day gets a little cooler.  The yard is full of leaves and they are always a problem but we haven't even started to rake.

This has been a busy week.  I worked real hard and finished my checked suit I cut out so long ago.  It turned out real pretty and I wore it to a club meeting Thursday afternoon.  I had wanted a red blouse but had a white one that I'd never worn.  When I tried the suit on with it, it looked so nice I'll just use the white one.

We went to High School PTA Tuesday night & it was like a day of school.  We spent a few minutes in each of Bob's classes & it was very interesting.  He is doing real well in school but has to work so hard.  He drove a real car in driver's training the other day & was thrilled.  It had a clutch, though, & he laughed about the car jumping.  I think he'll be more tolerant of my driving now.

I looked up Paris on the map & it looks like Charlotte will be as close to us as to Richland. Maybe she can come here some weekend.

I haven't heard from Beulah but I'm anxious to hear about Nobel's job.  It sounds interesting.

Ann goes to her first art class this morning.  I do hope she likes it and makes some new friends.  They are supposed to do oil painting & she's never done anything with oils.  It should be fun.

We go back to our church tomorrow.  It isn't all done but we're going anyway. The dedication will be later.  I'm not teaching this quarter because we are having a course in church history & I'm taking that.  We are using my room for that so my children are staying with the nursery teacher.  We had to double up since the fire so the children are used to being together.

We are invited out to dinner tonight & then will go to the football game.  It is Dad's Day on campus so we'll have lots of parents.

Hope you both are fine."

                           Lots of love,


Monday, July 21, 2014

October 5, 1963 The Four Sisters, The Raw Throat, The Vacation and The Aggravating Cat

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm glad you're home, Mother, but am glad you could go.  It must have been a wonderful visit for all of you.  I guess it is sort of unusual for four sister to be together.

Today is a beautiful day and the leaves are all colors.  I would love to go somewhere.  Bob has gone to Macomb, Ill. with some friends to a ball game.  Ann has an organ lesson late this afternoon so we won't do anything except the usual.  She had a dental appointment this morning and I took her to Wesleyan University to enroll in an art class so the day is pretty well filled already.

I haven't done much of anything this week except sit and blow my nose.  I feel better & sound better today but I haven't gone anywhere except to a luncheon yesterday.  My throat was so raw & then it turned into a nose cold.  I don't know how long it has been since I've had a cold.

We hope to get into our church a week from tomorrow but are almost afraid to mention it for we keep thinking every Sunday that we can go in the next one.  We are starting a special class in church history & I'm going to take it so won't be teaching for 3 months.  It is going to be like a vacation.  I do have to help with the class one Sunday but that's not much.

I have the old bowl on the buffet full of apples.  It looks so pretty.  We never did put anything on it but I've been using it just like it is.

Beulah had a birthday this week and I sent her a set of quilt blocks.  They are to cross-stitch and will be a lot of work but so pretty when they are finished.  B's mother has made two in pink and put them together with pink.  I hope she likes them but if she doesn't maybe Charlotte will.

The cat is really growing, and getting more aggravating every day.  She loves to scratch the dirt out of that plant you gave me.

Phyllis & Bob Fresen & their two children came for supper Monday night.  She is the student who worked for us so long & named her little girl, Bonnie.  She still calls us Mama & Daddy.  They brought steaks for supper, eggs, tomatoes & a half bushel of potatoes.  I'm sure they would have stayed all night if I hadn't felt so bad.  We really enjoyed their kids.  They are so cute & good.

Hope you both are real fine."

                        Lots of love,


Sunday, July 20, 2014

September 29, 1963 Coffee & Doughnuts, Dust & Such, A Couple Days of School and The Motions of Driving

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I kept thinking I'd get this written early this week but it has been a busy week & I never got at it.  We had a houseful of people for coffee & doughnuts after the football game yesterday & I'd been getting ready for that.  The sun has been so bright all week that I had to clean extra good & wash the windows. Everyday I tried to do something extra and still a lot of things didn't get done.  A lot of the people are new this year and it was nice to have them.  Then we had company for supper so we had a big day.

The weather has been wonderful most of the week but it rained some last night & the wind is cold today.

We had hoped we'd be in the church next week but I guess we won't.  It looks about done but is so dirty with plaster dust & such.

Ann missed a couple of days of school because of a bad cold.  Bob had one but kept going.  I have a sore throat today & feel terrible but hope it doesn't get me down.

I finally got my dress done & have been wearing it a lot.  It is real comfortable. I'd like to make the suit this week but I have a big ironing left over & if I don't feel good I can't get much done.

The kitten is growing real fast.  She sleeps in the basement & stays down there most of the time when we don't want her pestering us.

Bob got his glasses last Saturday & they are fine.  He never seems to have any trouble.  He really is enjoying the drivers' training & is supposed to get his permit tomorrow.  They have some new equipment and they call them simulators.  It is like the front of a car & they go thru the motions of driving. Mistakes are flashed on a board.  It is something new but they claim the same thing was used in training airplane pilots during the war.

I hope you are both fine.  I know Daddy will be glad to have a good meal again. Wish he could have had dinner with us today."

                                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  Both of us "learned" to drive on dirt roads as young kids in Richland, long before drivers' ed. at school.  Bob, what type of car did you use at school? I had a Ford Fairlane, 3 speed manual transmission.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

September 20, 1963 The Real Nice Visit, The Kitten, The Yellow Chairs and The Bag of Tomatoes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is only Thursday but we had your letter yesterday & if I get this done now maybe you'll have it before you go to Aunt Jane's, Mother.  I'm glad you are all going to be together.  You should have a real nice visit in that length of time.  Daddy, you behave while she's gone & don't do a lot of heavy work.

We're getting along very well with the kitten.  She knows what "no" means & really likes to be held & loved.  She has been lots less trouble than Pretzel was but she does get under our feet when we don't know she is around. We can tell she has grown since we got her, but still can't see that she will be long haired.

B is still working hard but things get a little better every day. Things have been a little slower for me this fall than usual & I'm thankful for it.  I haven't had to go to a lot of teas yet except one & one more is coming up on Sunday.  Ann's music lessons have made a difference too in the amount of running I usually have to do.  She played two piano pieces for the Women's Club on Monday.  I had to fix her lunch & she ate it on the way to Bloomington in the car but she played & we got her back to school on time.  She played real well & I was proud of her.

I'm glad Meta is getting along all right.  And I'm glad she appreciates the Xmas cards for I don't think she has sent us one in two or three years & I really wondered about continuing sending them.  I will, though, for we send lots of cards & many to people who don't send to us.  We still send quite a few to Richland.

I think I told you about our yellow chairs looking so bad in the living room.  The upholstery is worn out on the arms so we went chair hunting one night.  We found some on sale at the store where we usually buy furniture & bought a brown one.  Then we ordered two smaller ones (straight) with loud flowered upholstery.  They have walnut frames & no upholstery on the arms so maybe they will last longer.  The yellow chairs will be all right in the basement but they are pretty dirty.  They were cheap when we bought them so I guess we've had our money's worth out of them.

Some friends invited us over for watermelon last night & then gave us a bag of tomatoes to bring home. They are the people who always have such a wonderful garden of vegetables & flowers.  He had grown the watermelons, too.

I'm making a black &white cotton knit dress & it is hard to sew the stuff.  There were three yards in a piece I bought the middle of summer & I'm just getting around to making it up.  It was 60" wide & I cut a dress, jacket & skirt out of it.  If I can get it together right it will be pretty.

Bob is home & Ann will be coming soon so I'll say bye."

                            Lots of love,


Friday, July 18, 2014

September 14, 1963 The New Kitten, The Potluck, The Apple Crisps and Not Much of a Letter

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've had a touch of cold weather again but the sun is warm so maybe it won't last.  The kids are pretty well set in school by now but B's work is real heavy right now.  I'll be glad when it evens off & we have regular hours again.

We have a new kitten--of all things.  One of Ann's friends gave it to her so we let her keep it.  It is supposed to be a Persian, but I doubt if it is.  It is cute though, & so far hasn't been as much trouble as Pretzel was.

The potluck group comes here tonight but I don't have to fix anything but coffee.  Still I've been cleaning & getting the house straightened up a bit.

Our church was open last Sunday so we went down to see it & it is coming along pretty well.  It should be ready in Oct. & I can hardly wait.  It will be lovely & my room is very nice.  The organ probably won't be in until Xmas or after for the contract says Feb., I think.  The baptistry is green tile & I told B it looked like a Japanese bath.

Ann has her organ lessons on Sat. this year & on the big organ at the Methodist Church.  It is in the next block so that will be real convenient besides getting to use the big organ.

I made two big apple crisps this week so my apples are about gone.  It takes a long time to fix them but they are sure good.

I'm so sorry about Meta.  She has had a hard life.

Right after we came home I fixed some scraps to send to Bessie for the dolls she is making but I haven't got them wrapped to mail, yet.

Bob doesn't have his new glasses yet but they never bother him.  B's still make his nose sore.  They are so heavy.

This isn't much of a letter but there doesn't seem to be much to write.  I got the stamps on upside down (the envelope, that is) but I guess I'll just have to use them for we are out of 5's.  Hope you both are fine."

                                   Lots of love,


Thursday, July 17, 2014

September 7, 1963 Back from Door County, The Constantly Ringing Phone and The Interfering Kids & Doorbell

View from the campground

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We got home Tues. afternoon but we've worked so hard since then that it seems we've been home a month.

Last Sunday was a marvelous day & we planned to leave camp Tuesday because of Labor Day traffic. It was sprinkling before we got up Monday & was really raining before we could finish breakfast.

Bonnie, Door Co., August, 1963
It didn't stop so we drove around & killed time till noon & went to a Swedish restaurant for lunch.  That was fun.  Bob ordered a cheese plate & I wish you could have seen it.  It was a platter of different cheese with a heap of cottage cheese surrounded by huge ripe strawberries on one end.  Different breads & butter came with it. He ate almost all of it.  Ann had a buffet plate which was almost the same except cold meats instead of cheese--roast beef, corned beef, ham, pork, turkey.  I never saw such a plate of meat for one person.  B & I had Swedish meatballs.

The rain kept coming & when we went back to the park after lunch there were just a few campers left. The park & little towns were deserted.  People just went home when the rain kept up so we loaded our car & left about 5:00 that afternoon.

There was very little traffic so we drove to Sheboygan & stayed in a nice motel. Ann wanted to stop in Chicago but we decided to come on home & got here mid-afternoon.  We've been putting things away & catching up on washing, etc. ever since.

Bob got registered, Ann had a dental appointment & Bob had his eyes checked this morning.  He needs new glasses--a little stronger.

The phone has rung constantly & the kids have been in & out.  Ann is restless & we'll be glad when school really gets going.  B went back to work yesterday afternoon.  It will be day & night for awhile. Students are moving into the dorms today.

I still have three pears & a lot of apples left.  The pears finally got ripe & were pretty good in a fruit salad. The apples have kept fine & the potatoes, too, of course.

It is almost noon & I'll have to get some lunch.  I planned to iron some more this morning--have been doing a little every chance I get--but the kids & doorbell keep interfering so bye for now."

                     Lots of love,


B's sunset, August, 1963

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

August 21, 1963 The Camping Trip, The Two Pies, The Plant Stand and The Wooden Bowl

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm at the cleaners with some drapes so I'll do this while they go thru the machines.  I've been doing Ann's skirts & some fall clothes this week so I'll have that much done.  We are getting our things together for our camping trip & hope the weather won't be too cold.  It has been real cold here for part of the week but is warmer now during the day.  We've even had the furnace on.

We are still eating tomatoes.  I made two pies out of some of the apples & they were delicious.  They seem fine so I guess they will keep o.k. till we get home from our trip.  The pears are getting ripe but they are terribly sour.  The little watermelon was delicious.  The seeds sure are little--much smaller than in the other little melons we've had.

The plant stood the trip fine.  I thought it would be ruined by the wind after we had to open the car windows but it wasn't hurt a bit.  In fact, I think it looks better than it did for the leaves seemed to spread out into a prettier shaped plant.  I put the plant stand beside the organ & put a tall vase of philadendron on it.  It looks real pretty there & certainly makes that corner look better.  I don't remember whether I even thanked Daddy for making it or not--but I am proud of it.  I haven't done anything to the wooden bowl yet except to use it. Some friends gave us a lot of corn so I cut it off the cob in that bowl.  It was real nice to use & I'm about to decide not to do a thing to the inside of it.

We haven't heard from Bob but I know they are having a great time unless it has rained & been too cold.  Even then the kids could have fun together.

Ann had a nice birthday.  She had apple pie instead of a cake, & chicken & dumplings.  That was what she wanted for supper.  Polly gave her a little silver cross necklace.  I don't think she has had it off. Polly is gone on a vacation like most everyone else around here. Things are pretty quiet all over town.

Ann & the birthday bike

We had a card from Sorensens.  They were in Helsinki for the Lutheran Conference.

I think it would be nice if you & Aunt Beatrice went to Aunt Jane's but I think it would depend upon how she (Aunt Jane) feels when the time comes.

We'll probably write cards next week.  We won't know exactly where we'll be but if you needed us you should call Art Larsen & he'll find us.  You can call him at I.S.N.U.  The number is 453-2261 or at his home 829-6980.  We'll be somewhere in Door County, Wisconsin.

I completely forgot the old clothes for the mission until we were almost to Bloomington last week.  If you don't give them away before Xmas I'll bring them then if you'll remind me.  I won't mind a bit.

Hope you both are feeling fine.  Write your letters as usual and we'll have them when we get home. We have to be back by Sept. 5 so Bob can register for school."

                              Lots of love,


NOTE:  Our mom referred to the wooden bowl as her "Grandma's biscuit bowl".  Our granddad made several plant stands so that each of us had one.  I am very fond of both of these keepsakes.