Monday, May 30, 2016

May 1, 1976 The Lovely Day, The Long Conversation, The Wonderful Way, The Silly Accident and The Job Possibilities

Dear Mother,

"It's a lovely, warm day so I put my plants out on the porch again after having them in the kitchen all week. When it started snowing last Sunday I decided it was time to move them in. Lots of people have lost their gardens for we had several freezing nights. I'll have to bring them in again tonight because it will get cold again in the night.

I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better. I can usually tell how you feel by your letters. Bob and I had a long conversation this week about how you've been feeling and he said for you to stop the aspirin immediately & never take another one in your life. He said Tylenol or Datril work the same as aspirin and will not damage your blood. Take what it says on the bottle and it will work just as well as aspirin. I think you'd better listen to Bob's advice this time whether you want to or not. Bufferin will not do. It is only aspirin with some other stuff added. I told Beulah all Bob said so she has probably already told you & I won't go into details.

I'm sorry about Mr. Tinsley but isn't that a wonderful way to die? If I could have a choice that's the way I'd like to do it.

Next Sunday is Mother's Day and I wish we could spend it with you but I don't see any way. Your package will be mailed Monday so it should get there before Mother's Day.

This week has been so busy & frustrating. A woman hit our Mustang last Sunday afternoon while it was parked in front of our house. She wasn't hurt but she sure hurt our little car. We've been all week trying to get the insurance details worked out and still don't know what her insurance company will do. The estimates to fix it are over $1000. and they should pay it all, of course, but we haven't had any agreement on it yet. Anyway, we'll be without our little car for a long time before we can use it again. We were sick about it and so was she but it was just a silly accident.

Ann & Bob both called this week and everyone is fine. Bob K. has had two more job possibilities--Syracuse, N.Y. & Coatesville, PA which is near Philadelphia. These are Veterans' Hospitals. Ann was excited about both places. She has one more week of teaching and classes & that ends the school year for her.

I have the quilting all done on Bobby's quilt and it shouldn't take too long to bind. I've made a few more display quilt blocks and the top that our ISU quilters made for the show is all ready for quilting. It took me two days to set it together. I want to take some slides of the quilt show so maybe you can see them sometime later when we come home in the fall.

It's 11:00 and I still have my nightgown on. I'd better get dressed & clean up the house a bit. Hope you are better."



Sunday, May 29, 2016

April 24, 1976 The Birthday, The Sun & Wind, The Quilters, The Rhubarb and The Last Sunday

Dear Mother,

"Today is B's birthday and he had your pretty card and the money yesterday or the day before. He appreciates them both and I think he plans to use the money for some sort of little gadget that he uses when he works on the cars.

It is a rainy, chilly day but things are growing like fury. I've bought a few plants to put out but haven't had time to do anything with them. I had started some flower seeds indoors but made the mistake of setting them outdoors. The sun and wind ruined almost all of them. I'll know better next time.

Yesterday afternoon I went to look at some quilts that a woman wanted me to see. That took all afternoon but was worth it. I wish you could have seen them. Most of them were old but they had been made of lovely materials and quilted so nicely. Several were of sateen and that really makes a beautiful quilt. She is going to enter 10 of them in the show.

This is some week. I've had three groups of women here and it kept me jumping to get ready for each one. The quilters spent one morning arranging the blocks of the quilt we're making. Now I have to put it together and hope to get that done next week.

I did enjoy the afternoon but had so many things I needed to be doing instead of visiting so long. I told B I wished people would just enter their quilts in the show & not expect to show them to me first or talk to me about them even. I get phone calls from people I don't even know.

It has been raining off & on all day so I went out between showers and pulled rhubarb. It is so crisp it is hard to pull without breaking off. I have one small clump but it is enough.

Bob called as usual this week. I told him how you had been feeling and he thinks you should go to a good M.D. where you could get some blood tests and a good check-up. Dr. Myers was always good to you and Daddy but I think you need a doctor who has had more training. Why don't you go to Beulah's doctor in Camdenton? You know she would take you. It would be called diagnostic and Medicare would probably pay for it all. There is no use in your dragging around and feeling miserable if you can get something done. All of us would feel better if we knew you were getting something done. It takes awhile for medicine to work so you can't expect to feel better just overnight. Are you still taking your vitamins?

I talked to Ann this week, too. She and Bob are going to Superior, Wisconsin in May for an interview. It is a mental health clinic in a hospital and they have called Bob several times. He told them he wouldn't come until August if he got the job but they wanted him to come for the interview.

I guess I'd better stop and iron.  I've tried to do it all week & have to this afternoon. I have three long robes that were used in a baptism last Sunday and there is another tomorrow. I have to press them and get them back to church. I'll have to fix communion tomorrow too. It is my last Sunday for awhile and I'm glad.

I hope you tell me in your next letter that you have been to Beulah's doctor and you are feeling better."



NOTE:  What are the big commercials on TV the week of Dad's 56th birthday? Take a look.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

April 16, 1976 The Clothes, The Communion Things, The Weed, The New Car and The Table Cloth

Dear Mother,

"I have a few minutes before we have to go to a reception so I'll start this. Then we go to Bloomington for a dinner after the reception. This is a busy time of the year. Last weekend we went from one thing to another and I had to take time out Monday morning to put clothes away. I'd changed & just hung them up without putting them where they belonged.

Our church had a Maundy Thursday service last night and it was very nice. B was one of the elders & I was one of the deaconesses so we went early and had to clean up communion things afterwards. There was a big crowd. I have to do communion again Easter and the trays will all have to be as full as we can make them. We always have lots of students. They don't have vacation at Easter any more so they don't go home.

Bob called yesterday. They are all just fine. Bobby is rolling over, picking up things & growing like a weed. He's about 26" long. His pictures make him look fat but Bob says he really isn't but his face & hands are.

They have ordered a new car--a small station wagon. It will be big enough to haul baby things in and more comfortable for them. They will keep the other car so Pat can get around while Bob is at work.
They plan to go to Atlanta n June but probably won't get here until October. That's an awful long time to wait to see that baby and we're trying to figure out a time when we can go there.

Ann & Bob are both really busy. She is enjoying her teaching so much and will be all thru May 10. That isn't long off. They have heard about another job is Superior, Wisconsin but haven't done anything about it. So many of these jobs want people right now & naturally they ca't go right now. It would be foolish for them to leave Columbia before they finish everything.

It is really warm now but the wind has been high today and it looks as if it is going to pour rain. We do need it but it has been nice to have windows open.

I'm glad you finally got the tablecloth. It was the only round one we could find and they didn't have thread kits so I thought you could use the money for thread. You might want to use other colors than brown anyway.

You should see the violets. They pop up everywhere and are so pretty. Some of the lilies have frost bitten leaves but the violets weren't hurt a bit.

The pictures are for you to keep. Hope you are fine."



NOTE: Business tycoon, Howard Hughes, died on April 5, 1976, leaving a legacy of fame and curiosity. See below, if interested.

Friday, May 27, 2016

April 11, 1976 The Birthday, The Murder Case, The Banquets, The Long Dress and The Dirt

Dear Mother,

"I hope you have your package by now. The mail service seems to get worse all of the time. You must have had quite a birthday.

I was sorry we couldn't talk longer but I was glad Buddy & Bessie were there. It is probably a very good thing that they have their interest in Eastern Star. It gives them something to do.

My jury duty is all over and I don't think they'll call me again for at least three years. Then my name could be put back in the box they draw from. The selection is all done by drawing names out of a box. It is always by chance that one has to serve. I learned a lot but I did not enjoy it. You see a different sort of life and most of it isn't very pleasant. I was selected for three juries but was excused from the last one. It was a murder case so I was thankful the judge excused me. He didn't even ask me any questions but I was so tired he must have felt sorry for me.

I'm so far behind with things and so much is going on I don't know when I'll catch up. We went to a banquet last night & did enjoy it. We had turned down the invitations and didn't plan to go. Then the President asked B to go in his place & make a little talk so we had to go. This afternoon we're going to an initiation of an honor society, a reception afterwards & then another banquet tonight. We were supposed to go to an art show last night but didn't get out in time.

I have a long dress almost finished and have done that in bits & pieces when I had time.

I need to do some things on the quilt show but hope to get to that next week. A woman called from Peoria yesterday & talked & talked about the show. I've never heard of her but she wants to show a quilt.

Bob called yesterday. They are fine & Bobby had rolled over once. He had his check-up this week & some of his shots. They don't seem to bother him. Bob & Pat are talking about getting a bigger car. I guess their Mustang is too little for the three of them.

Does Aunt Nora still wear a bandage? I do hope the operations helps her eye sight.

It won't be long before our lawn needs mowing. A few people have already mowed. We got some dirt this week & the men spread it around in their own way. B & I did it over but I don't think it's very good dirt. It is hard lumps & you can't do much with it. Time will take care of it, I guess. Everything is so pretty right now but it just doesn't get warm. The temperature dips below freezing most every night & I don't see why flowers aren't ruined but it doesn't seem to hurt them.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Time sure goes fast. We'll have to go to church early. B has an 8:15 meeting and I have to fix communion. It will be late when we're thru because I'll have to help clean up the kitchen & glasses. April is my month so it means Maundy Thursday & Easter Sunday as well.

I must stop and take my bath. It will be time to go to school before I get ready if I don't watch it. There are only 5 more weeks of school, I think, so lots of things will be going on."



Thursday, May 26, 2016

April 3, 1976 The Thermometer, The Luncheon, The Judge, The Patchwork and The Good Time

Dear Mother,

"It's a beautiful morning so B plans to work in the yard. He wants to feed the grass and the evergreens. The men will be bringing dirt most any day now and I hope they do most of the spreading so we won't have a lot of work. The grass is almost ready to mow although it has been cold. Spring comes no matter what the thermometer says.

There are lots of things I'd like to do today but I have to go to a luncheon at school and that interferes. I do hope to get the ironing done before I go.

I didn't have to go to court yesterday so I washed most of the day and sewed in between. I finished a pants suit for Ann & have material to cut for Pat. I hope I can finish it next week. I really can't plan a thing but I try to get things ready so I can work at it if the judge releases me.

One jury worked all day yesterday on a case (as well as the day before) but I was not picked for that and was glad. The court calls about 30 or 40 jurors and then names are drawn out of a box until they get 12 people for a jury. My name was drawn once and it was interesting and an easy case to decide. I have to be back in the courtroom on Monday at 9:00. We never know if there will be a case but all of us are used by two judges and we move from one courtroom to the other as juries are needed. My term should be over after this next week. I had to cancel out of several meetings this week and others are coming up next week but I can't help that.

One evening I took quilts and talked with an adult education class on patchworks. It was their last meeting and the teacher asked me to come. She is one of my committee members for the quilt show so I couldn't say "no" to her. She is also having my workshop for me next Tuesday. I don't know whether I'll get to go or not.

We had a good time in Chicago and I really had a good rest. The hotel was out by O'Hare airport so there is nowhere to go and nothing to do. It is a big hotel and had a nice lobby so I just read or knitted and watched people while B was in his meetings. After he finished at noon we went to a shopping center and looked around for awhile.

I must get to work. Hope you are fine."



Wednesday, May 25, 2016

March 26, 1976 The Meeting, The Small Town, The Jury, The Dentist and The Apricot Tree

Dear Mother,
"While I have some time I'll start my letter because I want to mail it tomorrow morning. We are going to a meeting near Chicago tomorrow afternoon and will be there until Sunday afternoon. We'll be at the Marriot Hotel on Higgins Road, Chicago, in case you need us. The hotel switchboard operator would page B.

B is going to give a talk tonight to parents in a small town close to Chicago but other people from the University are going too so he won't have to drive. They expect a huge crowd.

I felt lucky about not having to serve on the jury this week and really made use of my time. I finally finished a jacket dress I've had cut out for weeks and have done lots of work on the quilt show stuff.

That never ends and won't until months after the show, I suppose. I had 2 meetings scheduled for Monday night but the one I had planned to attend was cancelled so I just stayed home.

In fact, I haven't been out but one evening & B went with me to the shopping center to buy a wedding present for his secretary's son. We got some towels.

Yesterday morning I went to the dentist & then went to the nursing home to see an old friend on her birthday. She is 82, the school nurse for almost the whole time our kids were in school here. She was so happy to see me again.

I'm sorry it took so long for you to get my card and letter. They may have been in a bag that didn't get sorted. There was quite a story in the paper just about that time. It seems some political letters were mailed days before the primary and never were delivered. They found them still in the Post Office in a bag that had never been sorted. The postmaster refunded the postage to the sender but it's a wonder there wasn't a big hassle about it.

It stays chilly but sure looks like spring. The grass is growing so fast and the apricot tree next door is just ready to burst into bloom. It has really started and if tomorrow is warm it will be in full bloom by evening.

I have quite a crop of tomato plants. I think every seed germinated. Maybe I told you I ordered a 10¢ package from Henry Fields. If they live I'll have enough for our friends, too.
I hope you are fine and that the weather is nice & sunny."



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

March 20, 1976 The Thunder Showers, The Batch of Rolls, The Jury Duty, The Tomato Seeds and The Spring-like Weather

Dear Mother,

"We got up early this morning and were working in the yard before the neighbors were stirring. Then thunder showers chased us in at noon but we got a lot of yard work done and feel good about it. We'll have more dirt hauled in after April 1 and then will have to do a lot of the work again. It takes dirt a long time to settle. The sun is out again but we're not going back out.

We go to our potluck supper tomorrow evening and I have to take rolls & relishes. I have a batch of bran rolls mixed up in the refrigerator.

This week has sure been hectic. I had two meetings and I have been trying to get some things done before I go on jury duty. They called me early yesterday and said not to come next week so that helps. I've been trying to sew and finally did finish the applique´ block for the Faculty Women's quilt. It looks real nice. Then I've been cutting quilt pieces for another workshop & that has taken hours. Usually the women do their own but I didn't have enough pattern books to go around so I've done it. They are ready for them to sew now.

I took the certificates back to the bank and put them in my safe deposit box.

I had a letter from Bessie and Buddy is fine. They got some medicine right away so he's ok.

My tomato seeds are sprouting like everything. There wasn't a one yesterday & now they are all over the pots.

The weather is warm and spring-like. I hope it stays this way now."

Hope you are fine."