Saturday, November 22, 2014

May 21, 1965 The Fairly Calm Week, The Complicated Travel, The Duets and The Ladies Night

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been having some beautiful days but rain is predicted. I tried to pull weeds yesterday but didn't make a dent in them.  This has been a fairly calm week and I've spent most of it washing and ironing--washed a lot of quilts and extras.

I've also been trying to get Bob's clothes organized.  He gets aggravated when I ask him about taking care of things for himself this summer but I wonder how many sox will be missing when he gets back. He is getting excited about it and got a big envelope of information yesterday.  He checks in at the dormitory on Sunday, June 20.  We plan to take him but haven't decided about getting him home. He has to take his own bedding & towels and wants to take a lot of books so it makes travel a little complicated.

Ann's organ recital was real nice.  She played a duet with her teacher--Ann on the organ and the teacher on the piano--and then a long, hard piece on the pipe organ.  She is enjoying her piano lessons, too.  Yesterday she came home late and happy. She and the teacher have been playing duets and apparently having a wonderful time.

Our church had a Mother-Daughter banquet this week but we didn't go because Ann had to be a guide at an open house.  They invited the public to see the new high school and she said a lot of people came.

No, we don't have all our teachers but they hire some almost every day.  B has been interviewing so many I can't keep up. There will probably be about 100 new ones next fall.

Our yard looks pretty in spite of the weeds.  The iris are blooming and the peonies are about ready to pop open.  One bush is about finished.

We are going to a dinner tonight and maybe an open house afterwards.  It is Ladies Night for the men's club B belongs to. He has been president this year and this is their last meeting. He will be glad to be rid of that job.  The social science department is having the open house.  I said we couldn't come but they said if the dinner was over in time to come by for a cup of coffee so I don't know whether we will or not.

I must stop and see what I can stir up for lunch.  Since the children take their lunches now B & I don't fix much.  We eat leftovers.

Hope both of you are fine."

                             Lots of love,


Thursday, November 20, 2014

May 16, 1965 The Library People, The Ride, The ISU Prom and The Doll Collection

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Everyone is gone and I'm waiting to be picked up to go to a Pen Women meeting in Lincoln.  It is about 35 miles from here.  B had to interview someone for a job and then goes to a luncheon for some library people.  Bob has gone to the Indiana Sand Dunes with the Science Club and won't be back till late tonight.  They left at 6:00 so we got up pretty early but I went back to bed.  Ann has gone to get a friend to go with her to get a license for her bicycle.  She'll be on her own for awhile today and B should be home by early afternoon and I hope to be back by 4:00.

We still subscribe to Consumer's Report and this year it was B's turn to take care of the group subscription if there are 10 paid ones.  He sent your name in for the free one so you'll be getting it for a year.  I don't know when it will start.

Well, my ride came and I am back.  Ann has gone to organ and I'll walk to the church after awhile. Her recital is tomorrow.  I wish you could be here.

We are so glad you had such a nice time in St. Louis.  I had wondered how you were going.

Bob and Malcolm have their plans made for Bob to get to Wisconsin.  We'll take him to Chicago and he can take a train within 2 miles of the village.  Rosses had told him they'd meet him anywhere if he could get close by train.  They will take his fishing clothes and gear when they go and he won't have much to worry with on the train.

I'm still sewing. Made Ann a dress and myself a formal.  We go to the Jr.-Sr. prom tonight.  I tore up an old formal and made it over, really.  It turned out pretty well.

 Now I have to start thinking about Ann's Class Night dress.  I have the material--white lace over green taffeta.

We have been somewhere almost every night this week but I was home in the daytime most of the time. I did go to a luncheon on Thursday. It was the As You Like It guest day and Mrs. Bone talked about her doll collection.  She has several hundred dolls that are very valuable and it was real interesting.

It is hot today but windy.  Things are growing so fast--especially the weeds.  I haven't pulled any because they ruin by hands and we've been on the go so much.  I really haven't had any time, anyway.

I hope both of you are fine."

                          Lots of love,


And the last slow dance...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

May 8, 1965 The Beautiful Morning, The Headless Birds, The Calendar, A Few Stitches and The 20 Shirts

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I wanted to mail this early so you'd have it before Mother's Day but if you are going to Buddy's you won't be home to get it anyway.  I'm so glad you are going and I hope both of you will have a real nice day.  Your package should have arrived by now, Mother.

This is a beautiful morning.  B and the children haven't been gone long and the house is quiet but the birds are singing their heads off.  Tulips are out and the lilacs and iris are beginning to pop out.  I love this time of the year.  We had a lot more rain night before last though, and the farmers are getting pretty upset.  If things don't dry up soon they won't have anything this year.

It seems as if school is practically out.  The calendar is getting so full and there are so many things to do. I went to a women's banquet last night.  The high school has a music program tonight and Ann is singing in the chorus so we want to go to that. Tomorrow night the young people at the church are having a party and Ann has been working on that.  Bob is still playing golf almost every afternoon and dreaming of Florida. We asked him if he thought he'd get homesick and he was disgusted at us for thinking about it.  He should be kept too busy really, but one can't tell about such things.  He will spend 6 hours every day in research.  Then there are classes, lectures and field trips.  If there is any free time he wants to do some collecting of shells and such so he already has his time planned. We hope it will be a happy time for him and if the teachers are good it will be. I guess we'll let him go to Wisconsin with Malcolm after he comes home from Florida.  They all want him to go so badly. My head begins to whirl when I try to figure out how we're going to get him and Ann everywhere. Yet, I know we will do it someway.

A seven member committee has been set up to replace Art.  I hope they get busy in a hurry but sometimes they are so slow--especially if they have different ideas about how it should be done.

I've been cross stitching on a lunch cloth that I've had for about two years. Everyday I do a few stitches and I'd like to get it finished and out of the way.  I made Ann another dress and have one cut out.

Yesterday I ironed almost all day long. There were 20 shirts and I thought I'd never finish.  Bob has started to wear knit ones now so that will help. There were more than usual because the weather has been so crazy.  Bob would want a long sleeved shirt one day and a short one the next.

I'd better get to work.  The dust is thick since we opened the windows.

Hope you both are fine and have a nice weekend."

                     Lots of love,


Sunday, November 16, 2014

May 1, 1965 The Shirt, The Underwear, The Lawn, The Windows and The Workshop

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B was real happy with the shirt.  It is a very nice one and he needed it.  Seems as if he never has enough shirts and ties.  I got him some underwear for he never has enough of that either.

We are beginning to think of Bob's clothes for the summer.  It is going to be interesting to see how he manages his own things for a while.  We haven't heard any more from the school but May 1 was the final day for acceptance of the scholarships so they are probably waiting to get the final list of students made before sending out more information. They will probably make suggestions about clothes--what they'll be expected to wear to class and such. We tried to make a list of things last night while Bob was home.  It is so hard to find a time to sit down and talk when he doesn't have to be reading or something else. He plays golf at school most every afternoon and they stay till dark. It is good for him to be out and I'm glad he likes it.

We finally had a wonderful, warm day yesterday and I opened up the house.  B mowed the lawn and things look better.  Things had either been too wet or it was raining and the grass was pretty tall.  He's washing windows today.

I'm going to a Writer's Workshop but sure don't want to.  I haven't ironed this week and need to stay at home.

I didn't know Aunt Nora was even in the hospital until we read the Mirror.  She must really be relieved now that they didn't find cancer.

Ann will go to music camp for the first two weeks after school is out and then she wants to visit Virginia Rose in Cincinnati.  We hope we can take her some weekend and let her come home on the train or fly. We haven't worked out the details but she's planning big on it.  She plays the guitar now only once in awhile. Won't things be quiet around here.  Bob will be in Florida for 8 weeks.

I must stop.  It is time to go to the workshop.  Thanks again for B's shirt and hope you are both fine."

                      Lots of love,


Friday, November 14, 2014

April 26, 1965 The Sleep, The Rising River, The Library, The Make-Up and The Brunch Table

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm so sleepy I can hardly see.  I feel as if I'd lost a lot more than one little hour last night.  We had potluck last night but came home earlier than usual because of the time change.  It is cloudy too and that makes me sleepy.  We are still having lots of rain and the grass needs to be mowed but it's too wet.

Bob went upstairs to read some Shakespeare and went to sleep on it. He went with a bunch of Scouts on an overnight canoe trip yesterday.  It was raining when they left but they went anyway.  They went down on the Vermillion River and camped in a campground overnight in tents.  The river rose 5 ft. overnight so they just came home--too much junk in the river and it was up so much they couldn't tell where the channel was.  I was glad to see them come home. There were 10 and the Scoutmaster and they had a good time.

Easter was a nice day even if it was partly cloudy.  We all went to church and then went out to eat.  That was a surprise and a treat. We just loafed the rest of the day. Several children were baptized at church that morning during the regular service.

Ann and I bought some material for her some summer clothes and I've started sewing on them when I can.  I made one blouse and have a skirt cut out.  I've also been letting out hems and fixing over last year's things.

Wed. night B & I went to a library dinner and then toured the library.  They showed us every nook and corner of it and I was worn out when we finished but enjoyed it.

Thursday night I went to an Education Wives meeting and we had a program on cosmetics.  The woman fixed up some of the girls with eye make-up and new colors of lipstick, false eyelashes and such.  That was fun.

Saturday morning I had to decorate my table for the Faculty Women's Club brunch.  I used apricot tree blossoms for the centerpiece with some dolls and Japanese dishes.  Then I went dressed in my kimono.  They must have had 30 tables decorated with things from different countries.  It was very interesting.

I wish you could go to St. Louis on Mother's Day.  In our church we have a service of dedication for children too.  It is really a promise of the parents to raise the child in a Christian way.

Bob finally accepted the Florida science project.  He was accepted by all three and the one in Washington was a real honor.  They take 30 students only.  20 of those are from the Washington area so he was one of the special ones.  Malcolm still wants him to go to Wisconsin with him after the Florida thing but it's a problem to get their plans all to jell.

Yes, Art is sick.  He has Multiple Sclerosis but mildly and it can be arrested if he slows down.  He will continue at the University with an easier job but may take a leave in the fall so he can gain some strength back first.

Those Ag boys can really cook!

We have to go to an agriculture department dinner this evening.  B has to give a little welcome speech for the visitors so I'd better get my suit pressed."

               Lots of love,


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

April 18, 1965 The Book, The Vacation, The Grants, The Green Grass and The Anniversary

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm glad you liked the book, Mother.  I'd like to have snitched and read it but it takes me so long to finish a book.

The kids have been on vacation but the weather has been miserable.  Bob and his friends have gone fishing three or four times anyway but haven't caught anything. The sun was out yesterday and today but the wind is so cold.

I don't see why you bother to do all the cleaning if you can't tell when you have finished.  Now in my house, you could really tell!  Too much will be going on from now till school's out.

Art has resigned and will take an easier job at school after Sept. 1.  A committee is being set up to find a replacement for him.  B's work is going to be awfully heavy until they fill the job.

Bob has been accepted at two places for the science program and hasn't heard yet from Seattle, Washington.  The grants were made on the 15th and his letter from Cape Girardeau came that day. The one from Florida came today.  He is really happy and plans to accept the Florida one.  He watched for the postman every day till they came.

This hasn't been much of a vacation week for me.  I made Ann a knit suit, went to As You Like It Club, went to a brunch, and had Quill Club here.

Tomorrow is Easter.  I hope it will be a sunny day and a nice day for both of you. We haven't planned anything extra.  We kept thinking we'd go somewhere today--maybe a State Park or something like that--but the weather stayed so miserable we decided it wouldn't be any fun.

The grass is real green but leaves on the bushes are still in tight buds.

Our wedding anniversary was Tuesday--24 years, can you believe it?  It has gone terribly fast.

Hope you both are real fine."

                    Lots of love,


Monday, November 10, 2014

April 11, 1965 The Hatbox, The P.T.A., The Beautiful Days and Why We Can't Wait

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Things are a little quiet around town now that the students are on their Easter vacation.  Bob helped with a Scout exhibit for awhile today and Ann didn't even get up till noon.

B and I went to Peoria for a little while but the kids didn't want to go.  We have been saving plaid stamps to get a train case to match Ann's big suitcase but it wasn't even in the new catalog and I was afraid they would substitute if I ordered it. The redemption stores are in Peoria and Decatur and I thought they might still have one in stock. All they had left was a hatbox which matched so we got that.  It is made so it will be a good overnight case and she'll get a lot of good out of it but we are sorry we couldn't get the other.  The factory has discontinued the pattern and that means we probably won't ever find a match.

We had book club Monday and I brought home several books.  One was Martin Luther King's Why We Can't Wait.  I started it last night and could hardly stop and finished it this morning.  It isn't very big but it's one of the best books I've ever read--a quiet, but factual story of the Negroes fight for equality.  It makes you feel so ashamed for the way the U.S. has treated both the Negro and the American Indian.  I wish you could read it.  I also finished reading the story of Paul called Man On Fire.  It is my book but it is very disappointing and I wish I had my money back.

One day this week I had to help fix food for a family of one of our As You Like It members.  Her husband died of cancer but he was also quite old.  He had been a newspaper man.

Another day I went to a luncheon and we all went to P.T.A. Tuesday night.  They had a tour of the new high school and the kids were guides.  Over 500 people came and they all went right thru as easy as could be.  It is a wonderful building with so much nice equipment.  It wasn't all in place yet but they are working hard at it.  The kids can't come home for lunch and aren't allowed to leave the building at noon.  They have 25 min. to eat and then classes go right on.  It is better that way and I'm glad they can't be running around.

We had two beautiful days when I was real busy and then when I planned to work in the yard it started to rain and we have had rain, rain, rain.  Things are green and getting pretty though, but I would like to get the flower beds cleaned before the plants get too big.

I hope you had a nice birthday, Mother.  We thought about you."

                      Lots of love,