Thursday, August 21, 2014

May 17, 1964 The 8th Grade Party, The Humdinger, The Recognition, The Recital and The Pen Women

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I am so tired tonight I can hardly move but everyone is happy & that is what counts.  Ann had a party today for her class from school.  I never did count but I planned for 30.  They came at 1:30 and stayed through supper.  I was so far behind last night with my work that everyone pitched in and helped and we were ready when they got here today.

It has been hot so they didn't play ball at school long before they went to the basement to play.  Ann is worn out.  All of them played so hard. Bob sort of seemed amazed that they played so rough and he stayed out of their way--didn't even eat with them.

This week was another humdinger as they all will be from now on.  Ann's style show was one afternoon and that was nice.  She finished only one dress but the material was so terrible to work with it is a wonder she ever finished it.  She went to a concert last night with a girl from another grade school who is going to our High School next year.  Debby had a dress off the same material so they both wore them.  They looked real cute.

I went to a luncheon Thursday & then Ann had to rehearse that night for her organ recital tomorrow.

Yesterday was recognition day at the High School so B & I went to that because Bob was recognized for his science paper.  His paper is now in a group of 1000 out of the 18,000 entered.  We are real proud of it.  Then he was mentioned in a top group of sophomores for high scores on some national tests they take every year so he got a certificate for that.

Ann's room spent yesterday visiting the high school and they took everything in I guess.

All of us went in different directions last night--Ann to a concert, Bob to the high school play and B & I went to Ladies Night at College Alumni Club--a men's club B has belonged to for years.  He is their new president for next year.

I'm going to be president of Pen Women next year and have to go to Peoria tomorrow to be installed. B is going to take me so we can get back in time for Ann's recital at 4:00.

Beulah wrote me about your going to Buddy's.  I was so glad you went & glad you had such a nice time.  I wish you could have been there at a time when we could have come for the day.  I too, had wondered about your getting home from the train. I guess you are being watched over.

Bob has gone to play golf with some boys & thought they would all come back here for snacks. I had plenty left from Ann's party & they should be coming soon.

I hope you both are fine."

                         Lots of love,


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

May 8, 1964 The University Standards, The Usual Tests, The Material, The Sore Throat and The Long Legs

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I hope Sunday is a real nice day for both of you.  I wish we could come home and spend the day with you but there isn't any chance of that.

All of us seem to be going in all directions at once.  It gets so frustrating sometimes but always works out.  B was so tired last night that I went to PTA by myself.  He has been working with a team of examiners who are checking the University's program to see if it comes up to certain standards so that has been extra.

Bob & Ann both have been taking tests--the usual thing.  Bob doesn't have a lot of extra things coming up like Ann does.  But the school makes quite a bit of the 8th grade graduation.  There is a music program and several parties and such.

I have sewed this week but didn't finish anything.  I have two dresses for Ann almost done and cut the blue dacron out for myself.  I could have finished one dress for Ann but had to have some lining material and couldn't find a thing in the house that would do.  I got some this morning and can go ahead now when I find some time.

I had a sore throat Sunday & Monday so spent the time reading & didn't accomplish anything.  Ann caught it and was home from school a couple of days.  There have been so many colds and flu around here.  I was supposed to help with a women's meeting at school but couldn't go.

The little picture is our passport picture.  It isn't very good but the photographer never takes many pains with passport shots.  The kids think it is terrible.

Charlotte must have pleased her bosses real well for that certainly is a good raise.  Does she still like her work?  It doesn't seem possible that Jerry is ready for college now.  When is his school out?  I had a letter from Beulah not long ago but she didn't mention it.

B and Art Larsen are interviewing people for jobs every few days but I don't know if they have anyone to fill T. Rine's place yet.  I expect the teachers in the dept. just divided his work & are doing it.  Lola is doing fine and keeping busy. They had a will so things haven't been hard for her to handle.  We have talked about a will so long but never took time to do it but T's death made us all a bit more serious about things and now we have our will all made out and legally signed.  It was very simple to do and certainly didn't take long.  Some of our friends are talking about buying cemetery lots but I don't think we'll do that now.  Rines had one, though, & it sure made things easier.

I got a permanent Tuesday but it needs to be washed already.  The wind has blown so much this week that everything is gritty with dust.  The iris are starting to bloom and the tulips and lilacs are just beautiful.  The rose bushes have to be cut way back this year.  Winter must have been really hard on them.

We are going to a supper tonight but hope we get home early enough to look for Bob a suit.  His legs are so long we will probably have trouble."

             Lots of love,


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

May 2, 1964 The Beautiful, Beautiful Day, The Factory, The Trip Date and The $15.00 Article

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is a beautiful, beautiful day.  We have the windows open & we can see fruit trees in full bloom all over the neighborhood.  Our yard has been full of kids all day.

Ann & I just came from her organ lesson.  The recital is the 17th and she is working on that music. Bob has been gone since 6:30 this morning with a group of students to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. They plan to be back about 8:00 tonight.  I've always wanted to see that park but we've never been there.  People say it is beautiful.

We have had lots of rain too, and everything is just shooting up.  I would like to work in the yard a little but don't see much chance of finding any time.

I made Ann a little cotton dress this week & fixed two skirts for her that a friend gave me.  I haven't decided how I'll make the dacron dress but will make Ann's things first.  She has to have a graduation dress.

I'm so glad the town is finally getting a factory.  It really needs something.  Do you know what kind it will be?

The date set for our trip is June 19.  I think that is a Friday.  We keep getting things together for it and shouldn't have too much more to buy.  Bob has to have a suit or sportcoat and it is like pulling teeth to get him to go try on things.  We don't have the hotel list yet but will try to send you one before we go so you'll know just where we are.

Ann does look more grown-up in her picture than Bob did.  He hasn't had any taken since then except for school identification & they are terrible.  He almost didn't show it to us.

I sold an article this week to Hearthstone magazine.  It is a Baptist-Christian magazine for families & the article was on children's allowances.  They gave $15. for it & I was happy to get it.

You haven't said a thing lately about how you both are feeling.  I think all of us will feel peppier when it gets warm & stays that way for awhile."

                     Lots of love,


Monday, August 18, 2014

April 25, 1964 Looking for Snakes, Hitting the High Spots and Going Ahead

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We got up pretty early this morning and it is still early.  Bob went on a field trip (a geology trip) and had to be ready at 7:30.  He was excited about it.  Took his rock hammer and a cloth sack for snakes.  I hope he doesn't catch any.  He kept the garter snake a while but he couldn't feed it so he measured it and turned it loose.  They have to be force-fed and he & Malcolm weren't very good at it.

B has gone to the barber shop and to see a mechanic about the car and Ann is going to eat lunch with a friend.  We are going to have to have some work done on the car if it keeps running & we have to have tires.  B has to be at school at 10:00 to meet a student & then interview a candidate for a job.  They are coming thick & fast now.

We are having potluck here tonight so I've been hitting the high spots but the house is pretty dirty.  I think I need to clean like people used to do--move everything out & start with an empty room.

I went to see Lola Rine yesterday.  I had been there 3 times this week but she was gone every time. She has had a lot of business to tend to, of course.  She amazes me for she is going ahead with her life as if T. was still here.  She and the children went to church last Sunday and she went to choir practice. People have been awfully kind to her and she appreciates everything so much.  Gladys had written to her.  You can give the clipping to her if you want to.  Lola may send her one so don't worry about it.

Happy Birthday, Dad!
B's package came yesterday.  He liked the shirt very much.  It is the right size & everything and I love the material.  It is pretty gay and I can see why you didn't care for it. Did you say it is dacron?  Ann sure likes it but I think I'm going to keep it myself.

B's birthday was very ordinary.  We didn't do much--just got him some film & a cap for the trip.  Ann made him a cake & his office had cake & coffee for him. They usually do that for every birthday.

I must stop & go to the library.  I have some books to take back & they are having an old magazine sale.  Bob wants me to look for science magazines.

Hope you both are fine."

                   Lots of love,


NOTE:  The New York Times from April 24, 1920, Dad's birthday, was a gift to him for his 60th.

Dad loved this in '64:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

April 18, 1964 The Illinois Weather, The Blue Ankle, The Tough Roast, The Nice Dedication and The Terrible Week

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Everything is growing furiously and our yard is almost ready for mowing.  We have had two wonderful summer days--too hot for spring--but that is the way with Illinois weather.  It has been raining this morning and we need that.  Lake Bloomington is so low.  The wind blew so hard this week it lowered the Lake an inch.

I haven't heard from Beulah in such a long time.  Ann has another picture for her if I can ever send it.

My ankle is much better but still blue in some places.  I don't limp now but I'll probably wear a bandage a while longer.

We didn't do a thing for our wedding anniversary because we wanted to save the money.  Ann wanted to eat out but I had bought a roast & didn't want to.  Then I fixed the roast & went off to Sunday school without putting it in the oven.  I came home from S.S. & put it in to cook but it was a little tough.  We went back to the church for the open house & dedication of the organ and that was real nice.  Then we went to a lecture at school that night so we had a busy day.

This has been a terrible week in one respect.  We have lost three friends this week.  Two were expected really, for one was real old but on Thursday we were horrified when one of our best friends died of an unexpected heart attack during his lunch hour.  He is the man who lived next door to us on North Street & had the boy, David, with rheumatic fever.  His name was Rine & you probably remember him.  Will you call Gladys Halter & tell her that T. Rine died Thursday (the 16th).  They were friends.  He seemed fine in the morning, taught his classes, but had a pain in his neck & shoulder when he went home for lunch. He called the Dr. who told him to come to the office at 2:00.  T was hungry & ate lunch but he was so uncomfortable that Lola insisted he get ready & they would go on to the Dr.  They got ready, she went out to get the garbage cans from the street after the collector had been by.  When she got back in the house he was dying & that was all.  None of us can believe it has happened.  Tell Gladys that Lola is doing wonderfully but I know she would appreciate a note. The children go to college away from here & Lola is going to be alone the rest of the school year.  The girl is transferring to I.S.U. next year & that has been planned for a long time & now it will help.  T. was only 53 years old.

This is a sad note to end on but it's about all we can think of.  All of us are fine and hope you."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  Obviously distracted, the two words of the letter were omitted--"are too."

Saturday, August 16, 2014

April 11, 1964 The Lace Oxfords, The Nuisance, The Big Purse and The Who's Who Business

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We are having some pretty days, at last. Yesterday was quite nice & today is just wonderful.  B is putting up part of the screens and all the neighbors are out working in their yards. Bob raked a little in the flower beds but has to do some school work so didn't do enough.

I haven't done much of anything this week except read & write because I missed a step last Saturday afternoon & sprained my ankle.  It still looks bad--is green & black, but the swelling is gone and I don't limp much.  It didn't seem too bad when it happened and I finished shopping.  I put ice on it when I got home, put an elastic bandage on it and went to a faculty dinner.  By Sunday morning I could hardly walk so I just sat for several days.  It was lucky that I had on laced oxfords or I might have broken a bone in my foot.  I'm still wearing a bandage & can't wear high heels yet.

The As You Like It Club had a spring luncheon Thursday.  The program was on children's books so it was real interesting.  Quill Club was that night and I went to that, too.

Bob stayed all night with Malcolm last night & Ann stayed with Polly.  The boys went to school to work on some French and the rest of us had a tetanus shot.  We had to have a Smallpox vaccination & all of them took.  They didn't the last time we had them.  They didn't make us even feel bad but it was a nuisance to have to keep them dry till they healed.  Ann had to miss a swimming test over it.  We will have some typhoid shots and that will be all.  It won't be too long till we have a list of hotels and addresses for the trip and we'll send you one.  I bought a big purse yesterday.  It is really big so I can put a pair of shoes & a raincoat in it if I want to.

I forgot to tell you about the Who's Who business but B had clipped the article & sent it to his mother. She said she wasn't telling Horace & Rosalynn--just let them read it.  We didn't think much about it but there has been a lot of comment. He has been in the Who's Who in American Education for years & I thought that was the one until the article came out in the paper.

I haven't heard from Beulah in a long time.  Ann has a picture for her if we ever get it sent.

Don't work too hard when the weather gets nice enough to start outdoor work. Days like this make me want to dig but I won't do much this spring for I won't have time."

                    Lots of love,


Friday, August 15, 2014

April 4, 1964 The Extra Work, The Entrance Tests, The Parent Meeting and The Sewing

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I don't know where the time goes.  The morning is almost gone and I haven't done anything. B and Bob have both gone to school and Ann is waiting for a friend to call her.  Bob and a few other students went to do some work in French with their teacher. They are getting ready to take some national French tests.  I don't know what they are or anything because our school hasn't done this before but there are some national prizes at stake. There are so many of these tests available in so many subjects. They mean extra work for the teachers and we are just lucky that we have some teachers who are willing to do this on their own for they don't have to.

Ann takes her high school entrance tests next week.  These tests help the high school place them in the French, math & science classes where they will fit best.

B & I went to a meeting of parents about high school this week.  The principals explain classes, rules & such for every new class.

Ann went to church choir practice for the first time this week.  I hope she keeps it up for she has a nice voice and needs to use it more.

We had a miserable (weather) Easter Sunday.  It was blue cold & snowed most of the day.  We went to the early service at 6:30 and Polly was baptized.  Then we went back for S.S. & church.

I'm glad to know that Ray & Chloe and the others are safe.  I read everything I could & looked for names but didn't know any of them.  Several families around here were worried too.

I'm so tired of sewing but still have a lot to do.  I finished a blouse this week and Ann & I bought another piece of dress material for her last night.  It will be for one of her eighth grade affairs and not for the trip.  It is white pique so will wrinkle too much & get dirty too easily to take with us.  It seems as if I'd have lots of time to make a dress for the end of school but things get so hectic then I'm going to get it done when I can.

I hope your birthday is real happy, Mother.  There is a little package on the way. It isn't a lot but I think it is beautiful."

                        Lots of love,


NOTE:  The worry expressed over friends' safety was due to the March West Coast Tsunami, a result of the Good Friday Earthquake in Alaska.  It was responsible for damage and deaths in Oregon and California where there were family friends.

In the news on April 4, 1964, The Beatles made history for holding the top 5 positions on the Billboard Hot 100.  At #1, Can't Buy Me Love.