Friday, May 22, 2015

October 27, 1968 Humphrey, Nixon, Dixon & B

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We're having another beautiful day but there have been some ugly ones. I told you last weekend was homecoming & it turned out to be a gorgeous day after rain being predicted. We went to the football game an hour early but over half of the seats were already full. Over 20,000 saw that game. We came right home to watch the college bowl and were sorry our boys didn't win but they made a good showing. They were ahead mid-way in the program but a few missed questions really puts a team behind in a hurry. I always enjoyed that show and I wish they'd left it on Sunday. I don't have much chance to watch on Saturday.

We have watched quite a bit this week. We saw the Humphrey hour but I didn't even know Nixon was to have one until it was all over.

I'm sending an editorial that I think is quite good. It is special for another reason because it is unheard of for our paper here to endorse a Democrat. This is a Republican stronghold and always votes for the party no matter how stupid the candidate. I am not afraid for Nixon to be president, although I don't think he'd make a very good one, but I am afraid for Spiro Agnew to be vice-president. Imagine him in the Whitehouse! One bullet could put him there if he becomes our elected vice-president. The U.S. had better give this some deep thought before we vote for him.

Bob & Pat have become real interested in their family trees. They have been looking up things in the library there & Bob says that library is really good for that sort of thing.

Do you know what Bessie found out in her hospital tests? I keep thinking I'll hear from them but they probably don't have the pep to write.

I'll save Jeane Dixon's article but I almost wish she'd quit broadcasting her predictions. It doesn't do us any good to know that stuff ahead of time & it is upsetting to read some of it. I'm sure lots of people must really believe every word and worry about it. I promptly forget it so I'll have to save the article to know if any of it comes true.

I was surprised, like everyone else, about Jackie's wedding but I think the reporters ought to be ashamed of themselves for saying so many nasty things about it. I think they are all peeved because she didn't tell them every little detail ahead of time. I agree with Cardinal Cushing that it is her life & she deserves some happiness. If Onassis can give her that then let him lavish his millions on her. She's had enough unhappiness. Time had a long article that was the fairest thing I've read. I'll save it for you.

I've been picking out walnuts in front of T.V. this week and have about 1/2 gal. of goodies. B cracked all of them for me so I'll keep working at them. It's wonderful to have them to cook with. We had to keep them inside the garage to dry & had to keep the door shut because the squirrels found them. They can carry them off in a hurry.

As I have time I'm going to start baking & freezing for Christmas. It's going to be here before we know it. I have quite a bit of room in my freezer now so I'm going to make use of it.

Did you ever do anything about a refrigerator? I didn't think about it when we were there.

I'm gradually getting a few things done which have been waiting for months & more. This week I repotted my Christmas cactus but I don't suppose I'll ever get all of the things done. There are two chairs in the basement which I want to recover but I never get at it.

B is working in the yard & I'd better get the kitchen mopped.

Hope you both are fine."

                    Lots of love,


NOTE: If interested, read Jeane Dixon's predictions below:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

October 19, 1968 The Snappy Day, The Short Visit, The Box of Walnuts and The Quill Club

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is homecoming here so we have been to the parade. It's a beautiful, snappy day so there is a big crowd in town. We will go to the football game after lunch. There are lots of things going on but we aren't going to anything else.

I suppose Ann got to Richland o.k. At least, she was planning to go when she called us Friday noon. She seems to think she can call & talk to us as if she were across town. Apparently, the other kids do that but I don't think that it helps them learn to be independent.

We enjoyed our short visit at home and were glad we got to see everyone. Buddy & Bessie look pretty good. Marjorie & Roger were there doing their laundry so it was nice to see them too. Buddy seems bored with his idleness but didn't say when he'd go back to work. Bessie was planning to take part in some Eastern Star stuff before she went back to the hospital on Thursday. Buddy is just beginning to find out how sick he was and she says he still gets upset when he looks at the cards he got. I don't know whether he has seen all of them yet, or not. We stayed a long time and they seemed glad to see us.

It stopped raining on us before we got to Pacific & the rest of the day was pretty nice. I put on a raincoat & picked up a big box of walnuts in B's mom's yard before we left. They are all hulled & dry but I haven't cracked any yet.

Your letter just came and I hope you feel better now, Mother. You had better leave the yard alone.

I had Quill Club here yesterday so have the house all clean for once. It has been a busy week but I don't seem to get much done. I work on my quilt top in the evenings & there sure is a lot of embroidery on it.

We're going to a tea tomorrow so I've got to wash my hair after the game today.

I have to teach Sunday School in the morning but I sure wish I could get out of that. It makes it hard to go out of town & wish the kids gone we might get to go a few more places on Sunday.

It's almost lunch time so I'll say bye for now."

                        Lots of love,


NOTE:  Many years ago Mom & I got a chuckle out of this letter. She said, "I guess I shouldn't have said to call anytime!"  After a few months, I stopped calling and she starting calling me, but long distance calls were expensive and quite short!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

October 6, 1968 The Green Tomato Pickles, The Depot, The Job, The Quilts and The Nice Letter

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've had frost the last two nights so I guess summer is really gone. There were frost warnings so I picked all the green tomatoes and gave half to the girl next door. I tried to make green tomato pickles but they are too mushy--just overcooked but I followed the recipe. The picalilli (or however it is spelled) is real good. It took all day yesterday to do the one bucket of tomatoes because I had company come in and then Ann called for some books & slides on Greece.

Polly was going to spend the weekend with her so she wanted Polly to bring them for a history report. It took all afternoon to pick out the slides.

Polly's folks took her to Fulton after school yesterday and I don't know when they plan to come back. They have some relatives near St. Louis so they may go visit them. The bus schedule is so poor that Polly would have been sitting in the St. Louis depot half the night & her mother didn't want that. Polly will stay in the dorm where Ann lives and use someone else's bed. The girls can have guests when someone goes home so a bed is available.

Ann has taken a job in Jefferson City on Sunday mornings. She is going to direct the Junior Choir (up to 7th grade) at the United Presbyterian Church. There are about 40 children. She has been playing for the chorus at Wm. Woods & the director asked her if she was interested in this job. She asked us about it and wanted to do it so badly that we told her she could try it. He took her to Jefferson City for an interview and they hired her. A boy from Missouri Univ. also had been interviewed for the job. The children will rehearse an hour & then sing at church. She will get $15.00 a week but will have to drive because there is no other way to get there.

B is checking over the Mustang and getting it ready for us to take to her next Saturday. It is a big responsibility for her to take on but she'll have to try it and she'll probably enjoy every minute of it and do a good job.

Beulah must have had a pretty nice birthday. I wrote to her but didn't get her package mailed until today. Was Charlotte's quilt the one you made for her--cross-stitched? I don't think $15.00 is bad at all but I'm going to try my hand at it one of these days. I'm working on a top that I'd given B's mom & she had headaches every time she worked on it so she gave it back to me. It is already marked off for quilting so when I finish the cross-stitch I may get me a dacron bat and try my hand. I bought my black thread to start the wool quilt embroidery but haven't done a stitch yet. I'll have to practice a few stitches first.

I had a nice letter from Bessie today and was so glad to hear from them. You probably know they are home again and doing fine.

Hope you both are fine, too."



NOTE:  Freshmen weren't allowed to have cars on campus without special permission. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have one in spite of an early Sunday morning 30 minute commute each week!

For the picalilli recipe from the October 29, 1949 letter:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

September 29, 1968 The Old Teas, The Opening Luncheon, The Speaker from Rutgers and The Flying Dirt

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm almost ready to go to another tea but will try to get this done in time to mail it. I'd like to just stay at home. There have been so many teas it gets sort of old.

Last Sunday was the President's tea for all new faculty & so there were hundreds of people there. In the evening we went to one of the new professor's home for dinner. It was nice but it made a long day.

Thursday was our opening luncheon for the As You Like It Club. I made the arrangements so I was on the phone a lot checking to see if things were taken care of. It turned out real nice. The four people on the program committee give the luncheon & that is our entertaining for the group for the year. I'm chairman of that committee so it means I do most of the work & have to introduce each book review.

Thursday morning I went to a coffee but had to leave early because of the luncheon. All of us had been to a lecture the day before so we were talking about that and I hated to leave.

B & I went to a luncheon after the lecture and enjoyed that because the speaker was from Rutgers and knows Jim Wheeler.

We haven't heard from Wheelers since Spring but one of their girls was supposed to come here for graduate work. She didn't come and when we checked on it she had sent a wire saying she would have to stay in the east. I just imagine they want their family to stay close together as long as there is any chance that the cancer will crop up somewhere in young Jim's system. I must write to them soon.

I had a letter from Beulah this week. It was almost like mental telepathy because I'd been thinking every day that I would write to her.

B & I have really made the dirt fly this weekend. We rented a rug cleaning machine & dry cleaned every bit of the carpeting. The man brought the machine & 38 lbs. of cleaner at noon time Friday. I started right away and we worked until 10:00 that night. Then started early yesterday morning. B also washed all the windows so things look pretty good even if I didn't do the walls. I'll do a bit of that at a time or the worst parts anyway.

Our potluck group comes here tonight but I have my table all set.

Hope you both are fine."



Monday, May 18, 2015

September 22, 1968 The Rain, The Clean Rooms, The Trunk, The Picture and The Tomatoes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been to a dinner and the football game but left because it started to rain. Today has been so nice we didn't expect the rain so I didn't have anything for my head. It is hot and we have the air conditioning on again. Last night we went to a dinner and then to a reception and we have the same tomorrow.

The kids' rooms are all cleaned now but I haven't done the upstairs bathroom. Ann will probably be bringing some of her girl friends home with her one of these days and I want to have the upstairs ready.

Bob called today. They are all straightened up in their apartment and have all their things moved out of dormitory attics.

Bob's trunk had been opened and a lot of things were gone--radio, dictionary, sweaters, etc. This happened last year but he was really mad this time--said he was going to hunt around and see who had the things. The trunk was locked but it didn't make any difference. He had stored his clothing at the cleaners and it's a good thing, I guess.  Pat's mother was going to stay in Williamsburg until next Tuesday and that will give them a chance to get Bob's clothes from the cleaners.

My cold is gone and B didn't take it but he has a sore throat tonight so it may be the beginning of one.

Bob had the picture hanging on the big wall in the living room and we've just left it there. It doesn't have a frame but the canvas is stretched on boards so it hangs fine. We have another one without a frame too but they'll just have to stay that way for awhile.

I'm still getting a few tomatoes and there are loads of green ones. they still taste real good, too.

Ann seems to be doing fine and seems to be real happy. She put her student membership in the First Christian Church and seems real excited about things at the church. She thinks the minister & his wife are wonderful. Her "big sister" is majoring in religious education and Ann thinks she might minor in religion.

Too busy to be homesick...
I don't think she's had time to be homesick. They keep them terribly busy at first so they won't.

Hope you both are fine."

              Lots of love,


Sunday, May 17, 2015

September 14, 1968 The Suitcases & Boxes, The Big Picture, The Raspberry Cobbler and The 13,000 Students

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The last two days have been just wonderful after our cold weather.

Letter clipping & snapshot of Ann shaking hands (right) and the dorm room

Sunday was rainy & cold all day but Ann has a real nice room and her roommate seemed nice too. We ate lunch just out of Fulton and got Ann unloaded barely in time to get to the Parents' meeting. She was all unpacked by the time we finished that so we brought back suitcases & boxes.

We stayed a few minutes with her & came on home. I think it was about 8:30 when we got here. I took Patty's cold and felt miserable Sunday afternoon so we didn't go by Roger's. We had planned toward it but my nose was running and I was sneezing so I didn't think they'd want us or need my germs.

William Woods is full to capacity and I think Ann will like it there. She called twice this week & wrote a fast letter. We had forgotten her coat and sweaters so she needed them & later had to have her tennis racket for gym. She had been to a church party and was going to meet the minister's wife on Wednesday so she could play the church's organ. She says she doesn't want to major in music but she can't leave it alone so I hope she'll go back to it after all.

We took Bob & Pat to the Bloomington airport on Tuesday.

The picture on which the painting was based

Bob painted me a big picture for the living room while we were gone Sunday. It is very nice--from a picture we had taken of San Francisco. Patty said she was bored all day because she had wanted to go to Fulton with us but there wasn't room. We all rode in the front seat.

I made the cobbler with the raspberries & it was really good. That is sure a lazy dessert. I also baked some of the sweet potatoes. They were wonderful.

ISU campus, 1968
We are eating leftovers. It doesn't take much for two people. This week has been all mixed up anyway. B has spent extra time at school so we've eaten whenever he'd get home. There are 1000 more students than expected so they are all scrambling for classroom space for them. We have 13,000 this year.

ISU dorms under construction, 1968
Our new minister preaches his first sermon tomorrow so we want to go, of course. He is real young and has four children.

I have the hose turned on the evergreens so I'd better go see about it. The ground is so dry."

                                    Lots of love,


 NOTE:  For news of the chaotic and crisis laden Democratic Convention, see only a tip of the iceberg below, and for more thorough coverage use the link