Saturday, March 28, 2015

August 25, 1967 The Birthday, The Cool Weather, The Awful Smell and The Boredom

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Sunday is your birthday and we hope it will be a wonderful day for both of you.

I have tried my best to think of something you might like to have but finally gave up and am just sending you some money. Buy you something you want.

We are still having wonderful weather and haven't even used the air conditioner. I like to have the house open and I have been thankful for the cool weather because I've done some dirty jobs this week.

One day I cleaned the hall carpet with Glamorene and that smells so awful I opened the doors and windows wide. Then I washed the bathroom walls upstairs. Yesterday I worked in the yard cutting out a huge multiflora rose. B and our neighbor finished the job after supper because it was so big. When I planted it several years ago I thought it was a yellow rose but it was just a plain multiflora and it just about took things. There's an awful hole now in the bushes but something else can grow there now.

Ann is still asleep. She's awfully bored and said she'd be glad when school starts. It won't be long--Sept. 10, I think.

How is your back, Mother? Did you fall again or lift something wrong? I hope it is better by now.

This isn't much of a letter but there isn't much to write. Hope you both are fine and that Sunday will be a nice day."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE: Glamorene smelled awful! See an earlier post about Mom's discovery of the "new" Glamorene in 1952:

And for a fun video ad:  

Thursday, March 26, 2015

August 20, 1967 The Plain White Curtains, The Historical Importance and The Pan of Brownies

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is a cold, gloomy day--strange for this time of the year. We had some rain yesterday and this morning. I've been shopping twice today and haven't done much else. The upstairs bathroom curtains came apart when I washed them so it took awhile to find some. I didn't want to make any and finally found some at Wards. They are just plain white.

B has worked in the basement all day changing some of the wiring. He's putting the washer and dryer on different circuits because I blow a fuse every once in awhile.

I finished reading Manchester's book this week and really don't know what to think of it. It is interesting but I'm not sure it is the great book of historical importance that it was supposed to have been. Anyway, I'll bring it to you one of these days.

We haven't heard from Bob but suppose he is through with his work and is probably in Atlanta by now. He should be home by the end of the week. He and Ann want to come to Richland for a few days. Just when, I don't know. B couldn't come but I'd like to, if they'll let me--which is doubtful. We'll try to let you know.

Ann appreciated the money for her birthday and will be writing to you soon. Her birthday was very simple. I made her a white cake with lemon filling but she didn't even want candles on it. We had bought her a cotton suit which she had picked out before we went on vacation so she didn't have a package. Everyone sent her money so she bought some culottes which matched the suit and was happy about that.

I ordered a piece of brown Dacron shantung to make an early fall dress and it is real pretty but very light brown. While I was downtown I hunted a new pattern but didn't find one.

Ann's braces are all off her teeth now and she doesn't have to go back anymore. She was worried about cavities under the two bands that had been on so long but her teeth are just fine.

We can buy god homegrown tomatoes now but they are still 20¢ a lb. Our friends have been giving us tomatoes though so we haven't had to buy very many.

It's about time I started supper. Ann made a pan of brownies so that is dessert right there.

Hope both of you are fine."

                   Lots of love,


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

August 11, 1967 The Driving, The Crepe Myrtle, The Old Times, The Brittle Bones and The Dirty Clothes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We got home yesterday evening about 5:00 without any trouble. We had stayed in Zanesville, Ohio the night before so we are still a little tired from the two hard days of driving. We didn't stop much and that is tiring.

Our trip was just wonderful and Williamsburg was the most beautiful it has ever been. The crepe myrtle was blooming everywhere and there is lots of it on the college campus. The bushes were all sizes from tiny things to trees as big as your fruit trees and they were all covered in blossoms that ranged from white to pink and deep reds.

They look like lilac bushes from a distance but the blossoms are beautiful things when you get to see them---sort of like a cherry blossom that grows in clusters like lilacs. I was going to bring a bush home with me but we didn't find the nursery. We drove out of town looking for it, but didn't drive far enough and then passed it on our way out of town the next morning. It was too early to stop then. Maybe we'll go again next spring and I can get one then.

B & I have been working in the yard. There had been rain so things have grown. I trimmed the evergreens & pulled some weeds and he mowed the lawn. The mimosa had grown a lot. B found a roll of tar paper in the basement when he cleaned. Would that be good to put around the mimosa this winter? It will have to be protected against the rabbits as well as the cold. Would the tar paper be too airtight?

Bob was fine but I think the summer has been a little boring for him. He likes the work but cooking for himself isn't such fun. He will be finished with his work next Thursday and then will go to Atlanta, Georgia on his way home. He will visit with his girl's family for a few days and still have quite a bit of time at home.

It was just like old times with all of us together. We had a cottage one day and were in motels the rest of the time but it was nice to fix our own meals even that one day. The beach was a few yards away and the kids spent all of their time there. I didn't have a bathing suit but I did go to the beach barefooted and walked in the surf. Ann tried her best to persuade me to put on one of her suits. She kept telling me I'd look as good as some of the other women.

We drove by the Norfolk base on the way from Hatteras and could see the Kennedy anchored in the bay. Bob had breakfast with us Tuesday morning. Then he went to work and we started home.

I'm awfully sorry about Edith. She must have terribly brittle bones.

I'll try to remember to bring the Manchester book when we come. I haven't any idea when that will be but don't bother to put your name on the list. The History of the Jews has come now and maybe you'll want to read that, too. We don't buy many books from Book-of-the-Month Club but it is still hard to keep up with the ones we do buy. I don't care for fiction either.

B has gone to the office now to check the mail. He goes back to work in the morning but he said his desk was stacked with mail and he wants to get rid of some of it. Tomorrow is summer graduation and then he opens the short sessions. Summer sessions are one of his responsibilities.

I guess Daddy's wasp stings are all o.k. now since you didn't mention it. I hope so. Ann's boyfriend got a bee sting on the eye while he was working in the field (he works at Funk's Hybrid research fields) and had a pretty bad eye for several days.

I guess I'd better stop & go start the washing machine again. The dirty clothes sure pile up."

                         Lots of love,


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

August 7, 1967 Greetings from Cape Hatteras

NOTE:  I like Dad's slide of the beach better than the postcard!  This trip to Cape Hatteras would be the first of many to the beach, a favorite for nearly 50 years of travel. Mom's last visit was in 2009.